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Hrothgars in Sharlayan?

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Would it be feasible to believe that there may be some Hrothgars in Sharlayan?  It's clear that Sharlayan is home to Hyur, Miqote, Roegadyn, and Lalafell as being born there (or at least as close as to be considered their only home) as well as the Elezen.  But would we expect to see Hrothgar there?  

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There's only so much we know about Sharlayan so far, but they seem more interested in someone's intelligence and credentials than their race. I don't see any reason why some Hrothgar couldn't have ventured there.

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Fair enough, vis a vis the Sharlayan reception of Hrothgar.  I was thinking more along the lines of Hrothgar immigration to Sharlayan.  What do we know about the Hrothgar diaspora?  I'm trying to put together a Hrothgar character backstory, specifically how he landed in La Noscea at the outset of his Eorzean adventure... and was thinking that a Sharlayan route (ie, North-Western exodus) may be a rational travel route.  Now this is getting to the post I intend to make on the character backstory forum, so without going too in depth into that. any eastern exodus seems like an Ul'dah receiving port would be the natural launch... all this is to say I'm trying to find a natural reason my Hrothgar exodusing from Bozja//Dalamasca would end up in La Noscea first rather than Thanalan.  

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The Sharlayans specifically avoid the collection of data concerning race in their census. As a result we quite literally do not have a population breakdown of the area by race. Judging from the Endwalker footage, it seems to be highly concentrated of Elezen, Rogayden and Midlander Hyur with a sprinkling of Lalafel, Miqote and then very few Au Ra. That being said, we've seen Sharlayans of every race at this point make an appearance in the storylines except for Hrothgar's and Viera. That doesn't mean there are none, however. We just do not have an example of any.

As far as your characters travel route, when it comes to these things I tend to reach for the most rational sounding explanation. Perhaps your character just thought La Noscea sounded more pleasant or perhaps they could get more work there. So they took a quick glance at Thanalan from the docks before hopping onto their connecting ship to Vylbrand. Or perhaps the crew they were traveling with were former (reformed) pirates so they're used to a Limsan route?

You could also go with something a little more fun like a storm or shipwreck or some such. It's a long trip from a place like
Dalamasca (2 months-ish by boat? Might need a memory check on that one, it's been a bit.), who knows what could happen enroute?

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There is nothing to say they are not already there and studying, but the world has been relatively unclear (to my knowledge) of Viera and Hrothgar within Hydaelyn (planet). We know they exist and little else.

Until we travel to Sharlayan, or a new encyclopedia is released, I don't think we will learn much more.


I do like Teadrinkers suggestions, or maybe a scholar captured by pirates en route to Thanalan and escorted to La Noscean shores. Possibly even use the games events to assist - Leviathans arrival threw the seas off balance or something?


At this stage, until we do know more, there is no right or wrong ☺️ and even then, we still have artistic licence

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