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Another WoW refugee introduction

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Hey guys, just came to FFXIV on Balmung for RP, after 14 years of WoW RP on and off, on Argent Dawn. Been on FFXIV for about a week and I feel like a teenager discovering his first MMO again!


My guild has moved over too for the most part and will be getting into RP so I figured I'd introduce myself when I found this place.


  • MMORPG background - I've RP'ed since I was a wee lad, in TBC WoW and onwards. Played all the way till Shadowlands, except during a couple expansions where I was on ESO and SWTOR still RP'ing. I normally lead guilds and will do so here eventually.
  • RP experience - Experienced DM in all MMOs I've played, not really into tabletop as my RP life is a secret from my real life irl. Can't imagine playing an MMO and not RP'ing!
  • Character ideas/info - Totally stumped on this and I imagine my character will develop once I understand the lore more and finish the story and a couple xpacs. No rush for it just now!
  • How did you learn about the coalition? - Frantic Google-ing
  • What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? - Heavy. I'm super into RP and generally try to be 'IC' or at least IC adjacent at all times when I play.
  • Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? - Grumpy, Scottish, extroverted Archer and martial artist
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