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Hello all,


I am a seasoned roleplayer who is new to the FF14 setting, and so I have been doing research to familiarize myself with the lore before diving into RP. In particular, I have been reading up on the Xaela and I am really into the Mongolian vibe that they appear to have. Based on what I have read, I am under the impression that they do not typically leave their tribes or the Azim Steppe, and so my question is this:


If you have a Xaela adventurer, how did you justify them leaving the Azim Steppe? Furthermore, how does your Xaela get on with others? From what I have read, they also appear to be untrusting or even hostile to those outside of the tribe. Thank you to any who reply. I am sure the answer to these questions are obvious, but like I said I am pretty new to this setting.

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There have been groups of Xaela who've left the Steppe in the pursuit of new lands, adventure, etc. You may like the Dark Knight and the Alexander raid quests for a couple examples. But it's also important to state that the various race/clan options we have the character creator are just 1-2 options out of many. (Like how the Roegadyn in Othard don't fall under Sea Wolf or Hellsgard. And Hyur are literally everywhere).


The simplest answers for leaving are things like:

  • "I wanted to see the world." / "I was told I needed to see the world."
  • Trade
  • Tribal conflict (maybe disgraced? Or needed to leave [temporarily] to find something)
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