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Magitek Armor

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Okay everyone, I couldn't find an answer to this easily while searching this site or the internet at large. It's a question that is going to be imperative to my happiness in this game.


Do we know how to acquire a magitek armor mount? I refuse to accept :chocobo: when I could be in a magically-powered engine of destruction.


On a similar note, there should be a magitek armor smiley as counterpoint to :chocobo:.

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In addition to receiving it from a quest, it was also stated that DoH will be able to craft parts for it to customize the way it looks. What I'd like to see is being able to actually fight in it, instead of summoning the Chocobo Companion you could use an item that let you mount it and use different attacks and stuff based on the customization.


Doubt it'd happen, but would still be cool to ride into battle on that thing firing off the big blasts like we see in the End of an Era video.

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Ah, FF6 references <3 think i'll listen to some Decisive battle repeating a few times when i get into good fighting sprees too heh, one of my all time favorite tracks.


I too hope the quest involved in Magitek armor is nice involving one too, with an epic feel *nod*

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