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Male Viera LFRP -- Neutral Evil Aligned (Updated)

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Well things certainly have changed since I originally posted this. Both in life and how Rhosyn has developed as a character. I had been wanting to tweak things about Red for awhile and while brainstorming I came across a song I really liked and I honestly thought would more realistically fit a lone traveler for thirty-something years.


The short of it is: it's hard to survive  without doing some bad things sometimes. And those things can change a person.


Major changes:

  • Alignment shift from chaotic good to neutral evil. Yes a very drastic change but one I think could be more fun to RP and seems reasonable to me with the background I imagine as fairly realistic.
  • My own personal real life schedule; I'm working nights for the next couple months and as such an mostly around during degen vampire hours. I remain free at basically any time on weekends still. And I only work half days Th and F (home around 6 PM CDT).


Ah but who is the bun, I hear you asking? Behold:


Rhosyn Ysgarlad

I've made his history quite vague compared to the original write-up as I kinda want the why of it all to be more of a mystery and RP discovered. But some things to note:

  • Native Dalmascan, and Veena. More familiar with the northern regions of the nation as well as other Veena tribes, despite his living there being rather short.
  • Red has traveled far and wide across Ilsabard and Othard as a Garlean "citizen." As well as brief forays into Hingashi and Thavnair. He is relatively new to Eorzea, but if roughly familiar with the broad strokes of the realm.
  • High aether reserves. Very noticeable to those who are sensitive in the aether of others'. Nothing of it is out of sorts, and it's not super abnormal, but he's definitely quite the aether battery.
  • Rare Info, ask me first: He learned Red Magic from a resistance cell in Ala Mhigo a few years before the liberation. Said cell was discovered and murdered by the Empire. How Red survived, or where he was at the time is unknown. But those from the area during that time might recognize him.



If you've gotten this far and are interested, let me provide a writing sample. I have permission to share this, and I like to as I feel it's a very good scene. It is from the character that used to be -- before Rhosyn took his place. It's a fairly sad scene. Also I'm pretty sure I did this on my phone from bed late at night a few years ago.

Writing/RP Sample


Either leave a post here or a DM here or if you see me in game poke me there as well! If, alas, none of those work for you then my Discord is fine but I do prefer to touch base elsewhere first.



Thank you for taking the time in checking this out! Hope to hear from interested parties soon.

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