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Something wicked this way comes~


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Hello Everyone! 


Some people may know me by that simple symbol I use as an avatar, others may know me by the name Kanko! For those that don't know me at all... Tis a pleasure to meet you! I am Kanko (As the Internet has deemed me) and look forward to RPing with EVERYONE. Even you~


Um, a little about myself. I started Rp back in chat rooms and picked up on paragraph styles after a year or two. Learned t1 rp combat and eventually took to forums. Stuck around there until I joined WoW and got into MMOrp. WoW went to Rift, to Tera, to SWTOR, to GW2... I've gotten around. This journey to this very page took me about fourteen years. Possibly fifteen... Not sure anymore. 


What am I looking for... Fun honestly! I love rp, character growth, interactions, everything! In fact... That's one of the reasons I'm posting this. I would like a bit of help in choosing which server to join. Balmung and Gilgamesh are the two I see and the only ideas I've to compare them too are Wyrmrest and Moon Guard... Not the best of things.


So again, what am I looking for... Character Connections! I plan on making myself a little Seeker to roll around with. He will be a skilled monk and have some skills with Archery. Everything else he will learn ICly as he grows. I plan on breaking him out of the shy stereotype and have him be a bit more of the mischievous type. This cultural shyness will show as he tends to favor his own people before any other race. I also plan on him having a odd interest with the Keepers that he won't understand. 


For this, I want character connections! But for that, I need to pick a server. So I ask for you're alls help to help me decide. I ask that anyone poke me here or add me on Skype to talk! I'm also friendly, so feel free to add me anyway! If I bite, it mean I like you!


Skype: knokocharm

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Alright, I'll start off by saying Welcome to the site. I hope to rp with you in the future. And as far as your question goes... There are tons of threads about this and it comes down to Balmung or Gilgamesh (as I'm sure you know). Now, I'm going to be on Balmung, but for the sake of this thread, I'll be in the middle. I'm going to quote someone from a different thread because they wrapped up the whole debate into one, easy to understand package and I really agree with them. 


Spiritual Machine

The real question in determining whether you want to be on Balmung or Gilgamesh is this: do you want a large, established roleplay community, or do you want to start fresh in a growing community and see how it plays out?


Balmung is an establishment with (from what I've seen) many helpful and nice roleplayers, veterans of the game, of organizing roleplay in the game, and of running linkshells and events. Many people are already set up to return to Balmung with their linkshells, and many more have decided to go there because it's been THE unofficial RP server for a good long time.


Gilgamesh, on the other hand, will likely have veterans from other games, and will be establishing brand new standards in their community, and brand new linkshells. The community there already has a good deal of support and a growing population. It is a good alternative to Balmung, especially for those who like smaller RP communities.


That's what it comes down to for me, anyway.


I hope this helps you make your decision.


Edit: Also, Something Wicked This Way Comes is a fantastic movie.

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Hello and welcome~! If you have questions about anything or would like character feed back, feel free to ask here on the forums C:


As for servers, I suppose it depends on what you're looking for. For a newer community, I'd suggest Gilgamesh, or if you'd like a more established community, I'd suggest Balmung. Or if you can't decide, why not make a character on both? Either way, I hope you find a server that suits you!

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I know *the guys* from our other place will be going to Balmung, so I think you should go to Balmung too, :). Unless you don't want to be with *the guys*, then I guess Gilgamesh.


IMPORTANT QUESTION: What's your tribe totem, shy monkster!

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I'll just put this on the table



Balmung was the server to be for a long time for established roleplaying. If you just want to jump right in and get going with your rp its the place to go.



Gilgamesh is new, and with any new thing it takes time to build up. It also takes proactivity on the part of those interested in having a strong rp community to make it so -themselves-.  The pool here needs to be built by us, otherwise it doesn't get built.


So it depends on you and what you want and know you can do. I DEFINITELY understand those who just wish to jump right in and take off running with an already established community. It makes total sense, and I know there will be good things for those that go there. Hell my original choice was Balmung to be honest.


Me personally? I like options and choices. I'm a long time veteran roleplayer. I hate when any rp community/server dies. I personally look it as a blow to the entire community of that game no matter the server. So I'm ready to put my sweat in and do the work. I also believe that the community going to Gilgamesh should not just be swept under the rug with the belief that those are just those "uncooperative people who don't want to play with us on Balmung". Agree or not people's concerns are legitimate no matter what the reason. I will also smile like a proud papa once the community establishes itself.


Just something to think about. Play where -you- are happy, but know the pros and cons of where you decide to hang your hat.

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Sadly while as helpful as that comment on the two servers is... It only brings up more questions.


With B having an already developed community, is it hard for someone new to get in?


If G's community flourishes, will B's deminish?


If G's community fails, how...


Now these go back and forth and depend only on if Gilgamesh succeeds or not. If it does? I'll most likely go there.


So rather than make a pointless list of questions, my idea here is to provoke story. As in, what can I get story for more on with the two servers. Kanko's story has openings for many parts and I'd like to get at least a little of him tied down. 


So I look for siblings! 


Look for some Keepers to poke at!


Looking for people to train him ICly!


Looking for people to put up with his mischief!


Now I know I can find these on both, I completely understand that. So more so consider this humoring the idea of my curiosity. Plus seeing if anyone is interested in such things. Also, I see someone was willing to help me with Lore?

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Lore for Miqo'te: Other than the blurbs found in character creation, these were the two most useful resources for me.


Naming Conventions! With underpinnings of social norms.



More things about names, which also leads to Ferne (one of the lorekeepers) posting into the thread with very good bits of Seeker culture.



End of 1.0 Lore and lead-up to current game situation. Outlines the events and war of five years ago. Invaluable if you're just walking in. The video is also choked with how FFXIV people speak.



Hope that helps!

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Hey & welcome to the RPC. Either choice you make will be a good one... But yeah: try out both & see which community resonates with you.



Edit: just saw your post kanko, so here goes:

Balming's legacy/ 1.0 population is projected to be minimal in comparison to the newcomer population. So getting an "in" on a pre-established "clique" of players will likely be easy. The RPers on balmung are very eager to meet more RPers and welcome them into their stories.

Will you find RPers that are ready & eager to engage with you there? 


But I will bet money you'd find the same on Gilgamesh too.


Tho I'm not playin a miqo on balmung, I'd RP with you and I'm a total culture lover.... Lol

And, I'm a total newbie to FF too....

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Or since K' makes a Koo sound, you could be C'anko or C'nko, but have taken on the Hyur-friendly name of Kanko, :). As for surname, you can also just have assigned yourself an ADVENTURING NAME, so don't feel too constrained to remain Tia or Nuhn if you don't want to be.

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C'io, thank you. But that also makes me part of one of the original 26 meaning Kanko couldn't ever becoming a mating male (Hello ladies~) 

So maybe easier to go off of another branch but being like Ka'nko or anything else that simplifies into Kanko. 

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As someone who is going to be on Gilgamesh, I can honestly tell you that you're in a win - win situation. Balmung will have RPers, and Gilgamesh will have RPers, everything else really just boils down to personal preference. Both communities are great places. No matter which server you choose, I'm sure you won't regret it.

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Thinking along the ideas of the offspring of a failed tribe. Like the father died and the mother returned with him to the old tribe or the other way around. Dangerous world, yo.

Need to add a bit of tragedy to any good character anyway! But I really do want him a bit young, like 16-17 ish. Depends on what I can have him learned in that time. 


What if... He was somehow picked up by Keepers... Is that even possible?


What if... A seeker and a keeper fell in... Love/Heat?


So many ideas that are potentially lore-breaking!

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Welcome to the community! I'm also new here ^^


You posted very interesting questions. The situation of new people being unable to do much in an already established community had crossed my mind as well, but then I realized that many new players -and even veterals who will roll different characters- will go to Balmung, therefore, many new stories will be created. Considering this, I don't think I'll feel left out.


My friend said she'll play in Balmung, so I will too.


I also think that the connection between characters is a very interesting part of the RP! After all, interaction with other people plays a huge role in who we are, and it might be what ultimately moves characters in any direction, be it for good or for bad.


I was going to make a female seeker for my secondary character. In case you end up playing in B, it'd be cool if our characters could interact. It occurs to me that my character could be a family member or someone from your tribe, and she could make things difficult for Kanko in case he ends up "breaking the rules" by falling in love with a Keeper. I might be wrong, but I've heard that such a thing is not very well seen by certain Miqo'te tribes. And I don't know about you, but I love conflict in RP; I fancy the idea of such relationships being forbidden, instead of everyone being happy and open minded about everything.


It's just a possibility, anyway. Anything would work!


(Last but not least, please excuse my English mistakes *bows*).

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I love the idea of Kanko -who is a Seeker- falling for a Keeper and having their society issues for one other be present in the relationship. But the love trip is always a tricky thing to get right.

Now for hate, rivals and all the other emotions one can have. Oh expect that all around! Kanko shall have an opinion of you all! Be it good or bad, I'll love you all OOCly... Even as Kanko tries to kick your faces.

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Hey Kanko, great to see so many other new folks showing up here. It makes being brand new not quite as intimidating. I'll be on Balmung so if you end up there hopefully we'll get a chance to ARPEEZ together.

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Hey, welcome to the RPC! I'd repeat what everyone else has said about the servers, but I think you got the memo : P. C'io has point you in the direction of the very informative, though tortuously bare lore forums, I see~ We also have a lovely 1.0 lore sum-up provided by Endemerrin that you may want to peruse if you haven't yet :).

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Hey there and welcome to the RPC! I'm still new aswell but I had to comment on your creativity. You have already started throwing around ideas which, according to Lore, may be inconventional, but it's good to see people thinking outside the box but being wary of detroying an established history. I am in a similar position, throwing things around to give characters an established background which is a good ground for thier future. I hope to see how your character grows!

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