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There once was a Lalafell....

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Hello everyone. My name is Vamiri and i recently joined Final Fantasy 14 during phase 3 beta. Now i am someone who never played the Original Final Fantasy's or the other main titles. So i was a bit skeptic coming into Final Fantasy XIV. My friends all played them and i felt like an outcast. Now i regret it.. :frustrated: 

Boy was i instantly turned into a Final Fantasy Fan. The stories, the characters all amazing. Coming from World of Warcraft, which i played for 8 years im no shy of the rp community. I eventually made it to other games like Rift, Tara, SWTOR, and GW2. I met alot of cool people and coming into this game makes it even better. Meeting new friends and rpers and just right out starting a new game with fresh mind set. 


I will be rolling a Lalafell in Balmung with a few friends who also joined. Some are already introduced on these Forums. Khy'zen, Blackjaque, Skyborn. 


I am so excited to be joining this new journey into Eorzea and meeting its many citizens along with it.


Link to my Wiki Character page will be in my Signature :D

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Welcome to the forums! As you probably already have been told or notice, you'll find everything here to help you get started into the world of FFXIV. Lore, storyline from 1.0 and loads of people bursting at the seems ready to roleplay. Have fun! :3

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Thanks alot im trying my hardest to make Vamiri be unique. The RP Community so far has been a blast. Cant wait for this game to be released. Its great to go to a site were people can give you friendly criticisms without being rude about it! :D The Soliloquy is alot of fun and i cant wait to get back in there and rp again!

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