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Final Fantasy XIV: ARR - Q and A Session

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Hello everyone and good evening. Some of you may know me and some of you may not. Either way, I and a few others are going to be doing a bit of streaming tomorrow evening at about 8PM EST.


What are we streaming you ask? Well we're going to be streaming. FINAL FANTASY XIV!



Or at least some screen shots taken throughout the last phase.




No no! Don't cry! Well honestly most of you are just crying because you can't play right now. Amiright? But for those that might have missed out on the beta, or have really any questions about the game in general past and present I encourage you to come and join in on the stream.


Perhaps this isn't for you though? That's really quite alright, but maybe you know someone that has a thousand questions about the game and you find yourself unable to answer them all? Well Me and my crack team of experts buddies will answer any and all XIV related questions to the best of our ability and knowledge.


If nothing else come out and say hi...?




Remember: 8PM EST, We'll be going live on www.twitch.tv/jmhcurly

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I'll be there if I can muster the energy to walk up the flight of stairs to your room.


Should be fun. Tune in if you got questions, and we'll be certain to answer them to the best of our knowledge. Any questions at all! The lot of us have a whole mess of knowledge from both 1.0 and ARR just waiting to be picked at by anyone and everyone~

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