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Important Information and FAQ


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This will be an ongoing work in progress, but I'm hoping to compile as much relevent information as possible on one place, and couple it with links to threads containing important topics and current discussions.  May add a FAQ section later on as well.



The primary OOC linkshell [balmung] in which all RPers are welcome under is called: Intermission.


The primary OOC linkshell [Gilgamesh] in which all RPers are welcome under is called: Coalition OOC.


Both pearls are used to advertise RP events, discuss RP, and just have regular OOC chat when there's nothing going on.



Unofficial RP Server: Balmung

Other servers with known RP groups: Gilgamesh, Behemoth


For historical reference purposes:

Pre-Server Merge server: Besaid

Beta RP Server 1.0 (for reference): Jecht

Beta RP Server 2.0 (for reference): Gilgamesh, Balmung



Balmung Server FB Group


Twitter (inactive)



The RP Handbook

Wiki Page Help

FFXIV Name Generator



Different Perspectives of RPing

Cliche Elements in RP

Alternative Methods of Dealing with Trolls

RPC Lore Hunting Team

Character Tropes

RP Trait Template

Prompt: 100 Questions

Prompt: Tattos and Scars

Prompt: You've been Slain!

Character Music



Character profiles

Player profiles [balmung]

Player profiles [Gilgamesh]

Linkshells and Free Companies

Server Selection



(This will be an ongoing work in progress.  Moreover, if you have a suggestion for a particular thread to be highlighted here, please feel free to PM me or respond to this thread.  Off-topic, erroneous, and out-of-date posts will be nuked for the sake of clarity)

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Please refrain from posting anything in this sticky that isn't somehow important information.


I will be updating the OP later this week to reflect some new links and information and such and thus removing any and all erroneous information.


Thank you!  :tonberry:

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The OP here is kind of a work-in-progress.  I believe you are correct though and will add that to the list of knowledge links it provides.  Thank you.  If you have any other suggestions please feel free to post or PM me.  :)


An expanded guide for those new or unfamiliar to RP is also forthcoming.

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