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Europa [OOC-EU] (Leadership changed)

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Europa is a linkshell for EU players and players from other regions who play during EU peak times on the NA server, Balmung. Due to time zone differences, EU players are many hours ahead of the majority of the server population and fewer RPers and RP events are on during our peak times.




Europa serves as both an EU social community and a place to find RP, much like a "Looking for RP" channel. The linkshell can be used to:


  • Arrange RP and IC meetups (e.g. "LFRP in Ul'dah"); 
  • Arrange and advertise RP events, particularly those occurring during EU peak times;
  • Request assistance with quests or arrange groups; and
  • General chat.


  1. Move personal conversations to whispers when appropriate;
  2. Debate and some strong language is expected from time to time but don't cross the line to obscene or abusive;
  3. Keep disputes private or contact a leader if required; and
  4. Behave respectfully towards fellow members.

There are no requirements for activity nor any need to give notice if you wish to leave.




Anyone may join. Contact any of the leaders below for an invitation.

  • Sastra Mortier/Thala'to Relehna
  • Taeh Marchand/Kaylel Wilder
  • Lorric Wright
  • U'tara Taki

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Hey guys, EU player rolling on Balmung, new to FFXIV but been integrating with the community heavily.  I'd very much like to join your link shell and pose a small alliance with a free company that a few of us are planning on making, its an end game FC for people in EU time zones, it doesn't matter what link shell you are part of.  


Given how raiding can go on into the evening it would make sense for those people with an interest in endgame content and pvp and things to raid together.


Have a look for the thread and see you guys ingame on the shell. :D


Do you guys have a skype group similar to the intermission chat?

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Found a player run Elezen family to join so a last minute change of family name.  Sorry, now Taeh Marchand.


If anyone wants to send me a tell in game I'll add them to my friends list so we can invite you to the Linkshell when its created.


Ok I've updated your name and mine now. I'm having trouble with the game at the mo so I've proposed to Taeh to create the linkshell. I will try to sort out my game tomorrow and start throwing out invites!

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Just found the site and then this.. I'm all happy :) 


I like playing on the NA servers but miss connecting in the off peak EU times, and this gives me hope. See you in game soon.


Nebula Stardancer (Nebbs)

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