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Linkshell Hall Updates

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After much labor, the new and improved Linkshell Hall is now live! Please note that the following changes take place specifically to the Linkshell Hall's main page (the directory) and is subject to more possible tweaks. The rest of the internal pages (tab system, etc) are mostly unchanged. Check out the section by clicking on the "Linkshells" tab above (or click this link: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=15 )


:chocobo: Linkshells are now listed in alphabetical order and remain grouped as such regardless of "bumps." As a result of this, we encourage you to subscribe to the forum and/or individual threads as needed to better be aware of new posts. Also note that unread new posts will cause the linkshell name to appear bolded as well. A little green arrow will also appear next to the linkshell name if there are new posts. Thread creators can subscribe to the thread by going into the full editor and clicking the additional settings tab.


:chocobo: Linkshells are now stacked in a grid-like format rather than a long list for a much cleaner look.


:chocobo: Number of views and replies have been eliminated. You may still track your threads number of views INSIDE your actual post below the Basic Info sidebar.


:chocobo: The linkshell's theme will now appear in the actual directory in place of replies/views.


:chocobo: You may now enter a linkshell's thread by clicking on the linkshell name OR logo (previously, the logo was not clickable).


:chocobo: Max logo size will be increased width-wise in the near future. Max height will remain unchanged. This change will require me to re-upload all LS logos again though, and thus will not happen immediately.


:chocobo: A sort feature has been added at the top of the page. Clicking on the appropriate server will filter all linkshells/companies within that category*, making it significantly easier to find an appropriate group. Thanks to Aysun for the logo designs! Additionally, please note that you may still sort linkshells by normal means (number of views, last post, etc) via the sort feature toward the bottom of the page.


:chocobo: Max character limit for Linkshell names has been reduced. Please keep the title to just the linkshell name only. Tags and descriptions (such as "free company", server location, and so on) should be kept within the primary post for cleanliness, unless you are a region specific LS or OOC based LS (such as Europa or Intermission to give examples). Linkshells using descriptions and/or unnecessary tags have been properly modified.


:chocobo: For tidiness, the Chronicles subsection of the Linkshell Hall has been removed from the Linkshell Hall front page. The section can now only be accessed via the forum index.


:chocobo: A new slot has been added to the Basic Info sidebar that can be used to identify the linkshell as a free company.


:chocobo: Linkshell name font size has been increased from 18 to 22.


:chocobo: The pagination system has been eliminated in this section. As such, all linkshells will remain on a single page rather than getting bumped to page 2,3, etc.


:bomb: In progress: Possibly going to add some more visible borders to the blocks as well.


:bomb: In progress: Tweaking some elements to be better centered and whatnot.


*Note that server selection in the linkshell submission form has changed to accommodate this. Rather than a text field, you must now select between three choices: Balmung, Gilgamesh, and Other. We apologize to non-Balmung and non-Gilgamesh groups, but we ask that you make your server choice clear in your first front page post. We do not have the ability to support filters for every single individual FFXIV server.

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It's as if you read my mind.  The one additional thing I wanted from the Linkshell index was a way to tell which ones were affiliated with which servers (without having to open each one).  Matter of fact, I had thought about posting it as a forum suggestion.  I was hesitant because I'm so new here :blush:.


In any event, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Excellent work!

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Hey, Ky. When I look at all of the Linkshells, then Corvus shows up. But when I click on Balmung, it doesn't. Help please!


Similar issue for Rosa. D:

Wanderer shadows as well

But absolutely great job. I love the look & user friendliness! :)

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Hey everyone who's shell isn't showing up when you sort them by server!


You will need to go in an edit your LS information under "Basic Info" and select Balmung. Some of the shells are set to "not set," as of now, since the way you select a server has changed. So just re-designate your server. I went through and did a few of the shells mentioned. :)

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Hey, Ky. When I look at all of the Linkshells, then Corvus shows up. But when I click on Balmung, it doesn't. Help please!


As Xenedra said, some may need to reset their server due to the way that changed. That should fix the problem.


Wow, the new layout is so much better. Although I wonder how it will turn out in the long run when a lot more linkshells pop-up. Which most likely will. But that's an issue for the future. I also love the pretty server banners.


This shouldn't be an issue. There will probably be a few more shells pop up between now and launch, but after that the number of active RP groups will likely decrease. About 3 months post-launch, we'll be doing a roll call and removing inactive RP shells from the list, as we did in 1.0 ^^. This current layout does use a rather immense number of queries right now though, which worries me. But once I do the image optimizations, I hope to make it better in that regard. Worst case scenario, I'll have to readd the pagination system temporarily to ease server load in the meantime.


Also, are the tables for the "view new posts" search breaking horribly for anyone else when there's something from the linkshell hall listed there?


I just now noticed this myself. I'll look into it --Fixed

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