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Best way to officially petition for looping music?

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I too was disappointed by how often the music faded out to just ambient noise in ARR. I would assume that a topic on the beta forums would be the best place to try. Get as many likes as you can!


But.. put it in the actual feedback section, when they're taking feedback!

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I read this, and I cited it to another person asking the exact same question.

I honestly felt like the concern was misunderstood by the person answering. It made me think they thought the playerbase wanted us to loop a specific song that prevented other music from overriding it.

Which is obviously not the case.

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If they implement it, I hope they make it optional.

I for one, don't like looping music all that muych, it gets repetitive.

Yeah, I'm personally OK with it the way it is now. Being able to hear the very well-done ambient sounds without repetitive music going on all the time can be really immersive and enjoyable. Most of the overworld music cues in the game are also between 0:45 and 1:30 in length, too, which I imagine would get really repetitive if they were to loop endlessly. They're more used for flavor when you move into a new area than as a persistent background theme, which is the reason that they've cited for why they haven't added in a looping option.


That said, I'd have absolutely no problem with the option if it were made available, since obviously a lot of people feel strongly about it, and it wouldn't hurt anyone. I just probably wouldn't use it most of the time!

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From the latest feedback list:


"In response to requests to allow BGMs to loop continuously, we are currently looking into creating a BGM system to play them."


So, probably coming at some point in the future, but don't expect it at launch.


This is excellent news, just the fact that they acknowledge it as an issue and are looking into correcting it is enough for me.

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