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Foxberry's Art: Updated 7.30.17

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Disclaimer: All artwork here is copyright to Foxberry Studios, please do not use/edit/redistribute without prior consent from the artist. Thank you! 


You may follow my streams here: http://streamup.com/foxberry-studios and http://twitch.tv/foxberrystudios


Just wanted to go ahead and start an art-thread for myself. I do plan on doing some more FFXIV: ARR as time goes on but for right now I just have a little commission I did for a friend. The others are from TOR or from personal pieces. :) I hope you enjoy.

Just a few quick notes,

-Yes I do commissions please see my deviantArt for rates.

-I paint LARGE SCALE meaning, I use at least a 4000 pixel length on most of my images.

-Tutorial for some of my art, a little old: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa-Tg_TWCmfY_z8x8IXQYGMLCkf2EOhe7



-My Enjin, a lot of my art is posted here; http://swtor-rp.com/profile/928628#post6450474

-deviantart: http://foxberrystudios.deviantart.com

-Tumblr: http://foxberrystudios.tumblr.com/

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Foxberry-Studios/175661905853250


-^ Is the order of activity and upload.


-I am a commercial photographer by trade, you can see that stuff below.

-Behance: https://www.behance.net/weisephotography


-^ Is the order of activity and upload.


Thanks for visiting!


Most Recent Piece






NSFW version:

Nohni Vhaze

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NOTE: Warning! This crap is very old! 6.3.16


Thank you very much! Color is something that I like using rather boldly. :)


A full body character commission I did for a good friend of mine. Her zabrak character from SWTOR. Promise I'll have some FFXIV stuff up as time goes by. Anyway, this is my usual style of painting.




Experimental-sketchy painting of my two chiss girls from SWTOR.




Sketchy painting of my chiss, Aka from SWTOR.




Commission I did for a friend of his Mioq'te during a livestream event.



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I've been doing digital art since like 2005, but worked with the tablet for about 5 years now. :) 


Also, new art: 




Working with a new style of shading/coloring. It is the same style I used for a commission above in this thread. :)

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Okay so I am doing one last live stream commission event before school, IF I finish my big commission this week. If so it will be Sept. 1st, a Sunday from 12pm till whenever.


This being said, what do you guys want the theme to be? Full body, busts, fantasy, etc?


If I do busts, I may actually do soft shading depending on time and what not.


This being said if I do something with actual shading and highlights it'll be 15-20$


OR I can do the plain flat colors for 10$ Let me know what yous guys rather want.



Taken from my enjin wall because... I am lazy and I don't want to rewrite. But yeah I am considering doing some live stream commissions Sept. 1st. For those of you who aren't familiar a lot of my commissions I do for about 10$ and are flat color-paintings. Not so much 'sketches' so they do take a bit to do. If interested feel free to comment below. :)

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