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A Coast in the Desert (Finished)

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The sun beat down on the naked earth and rock with all the gusto of midday in Thanalan. The only life visible outside of the buzzards that circled lazily in the clear, blue sky were the little dark-skinned reptiles, dashing from the unwelcoming shelter of one meager scrub to the next. The desert was not for outsiders. 


Amidst the seeming desolation was a haven of life. A natural spring of water that fostered robust trees and vegetation. It was here that a lone figure sat.




shhhhh-ting, shhhhh-ting, went the whetstone in Desmond's hand as he passed it over the blade of his gladius. His heavy leather armor sat beside him, too impractical to wear in this heat.


There was an encampment of bandits just over the next ridge. According to his liaison's information, the bulk of the enemy would be away. That meant the remaining skeleton crew were vulnerable to attack and the soon-to-be-homeless main force would be prime for defeat at the hands of the Immortal Flames. It was a good plan. Assuming the other warriors contracted alongside Desmond were capable. 


From the direction of Ul'Dah, something appeared on the horizon. Standing up, Desmond squinted his red eyes and tried to make it out. It was definitely coming his way but he couldn't make out what or who it was. He tucked himself down and waited to see if it was friend or foe.

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"Curse this heat!" A tall, blonde, Miqo'te male yelled aloud. Even after growing up in the Sagolii Desert with his tribe, he never could tolerate the heat very well. His chest was bare, only a leather harness across it was adorned. It supported the sizable great axe strapped to his back.


The steel armor that plated his legs clanked together slightly with each step he took. He stopped momentarily, looking down and taking out a parchment from his satchel and gazing upon it as he continued to walk. "Where in the name of Azeyma am I?"


After a moment, he paused. His feline ears twitching before turning forward, trying to capture any sound he could pick up. 


His right hand reached up behind his head, gripping his weapon tightly. With teeth bared, he called out to whomever -or whatever - it was he heard,


"Who's there?!"

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There was no escaping a Miqo'te ear.


Desmond stood up and walked slowly around to face the stranger. He didn't look like a bandit. There were no outlaw tattoos and his gear was relatively new. The steel looked sharp enough however.


"Easy there," Desmond said in a controlled manner.


The Miqo'te tightened his grip on his weapon but his expression was never anything more than neutral. Even though he had been shouting a moment ago he was all business now. He had a warrior's training. Desmond relaxed his shoulders a bit.


"Are you on a job? Who sent you?"

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The felinoid male sized up the man before him, still deciding the best action to take. After a period of silence, he finally spoke up, "I'm a mercenary. Recently contracted with the Immortal Flames." 


His brows furrowed, taking a challenging step forward. He began sniffing the air slightly before turning his head to look upon the small oasis before him. "I'm assuming this is the meet up spot, yes?"


He tucked away the map in his left palm, slightly loosening the grip on his weapon, but not taking a chance to be unable to unsheathe it quickly.


 "I've been trying to get here for hours.. but.."


The Miqo'te turned his eyes downward, frown forming on his face. A flush appeared upon his cheeks in a mix of both anger and embarrassment, "I cannot read."


Golden eyes turned upward once more. He cleared his throat. "And just who might you be?"

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"Aryll?  Private Desmond Aryll?" Kayle called out from a distance so as to not startle the two men and it gave him ample time to size them both up.  Wiping the sweat from his brow left a steak of dust across his face.  With a wave, he dismounted his bird and gave it an affectionate scratch on it's neck as he led it towards the party by it's reigns.  



"Private Delwyn.  They told me I'd find you here, although I was a bit worried I'd find the area vacant by the time Redwind and I arrived." He directed his attention towards the man with squinting red eyes.   "I hope I've not kept you waiting long, I had another obligation to the East that kept me."  



Turning to face the Miqo'te, he shifted the reigns to his left hand and extended his right.  "Kayle Delwyn, pleasure's mine."  The chocobo made a few cuckling noises and cocked it's head, shifting it's gaze between the two strangers.

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Both the Miqo'te and Desmond turned at the hails from the red-haired man approaching on chocoback. Exchanging a pacifying look between them, they greeted the third of their party now. And the fourth, if one counted the bird.


"Erm, yes I am Desmond Aryll." He watched as the Miqo'te accepted the greeting wordlessly. Desmond approved of the response. 


Kayle Delwyn had an easy air about him. Desmond wondered if the man had a good grasp on what they were instructed to do. The chocobo, Redwind as Delwyn called him kept on the man's right. He noted the weaponry strapped to the bird's saddle within easy reach. Looks might be deceiving with this one. 


"Not a problem. If it is alright with the two of you, I thought we might wait for nightfall. It would give us some time pick up any more help. I already scouted the camp." Desmond began as he untied a water sack from his pack, "There looks to be about a dozen of them. There is a large tent in the middle however that is still a mystery, I'm not sure if there is anyone else in there." He tossed the water sack to Delwyn. "With a good plan of attack, we can eliminate a third of their number before they realize we are there." 


Returning to his pack, he looked from one newcomer to the other, "In the meantime, I would like to know what you both can do." Grasping his gladius' pommel with his off-hand, he pulled it a ways out of it's sheath before letting it fall back in with a 'thunk'. His sword introducing him as trained in the gladiatorial arena.


He cocked an eyebrow at the two men, waiting.

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[align=center]You can never truly know a woman until you taste her food,

A man when you taste his steel[/align]



Kayle's father's words echoed in his head as he watched the Midlander, never breaking contact with his eyes.  



[align=center]Hands and thoughts can be deceiving, but eyes never lie.  [/align]


"Aye, I've time for a quarrel" he said with a cautious grin, moving his gaze from the smirking Desmond to the scabbard at Redwind's side.   "The wind's in our favor, and will keep our smoke and voices from reaching the encampment before we do."  He comforted the bird, assuring her that the coming commotion is in good taste and amongst friends.  He fed her a handful of greens from a pouch on his belt, and whispered something into her ear as he slid the scabbard from it's mount.



Affectionately, Kayle brushed his hand along the simple hardened leather scabbard and drew his blade, slowly.  It was an awkward motion for him, as it was typically only drawn out of necessity and certainly never to be taken lightly.  The blade itself was a queer thing to see, and was not of standard issue.  Only slightly smaller than a swortsword, it appeared thin and narrow.  It did not take the men's trained eyes long to realize it was a re-purposed spearhead, with tastefully plain decorations along the withered edge.  The remnants of the wooden pole once connected were wrapped in soft leather and a pommel had been affixed to the otherwise plain handle.  He smiled as he inspected the blade, making sure to keep the point aimed down.



[align=center]Never point your blade at something you aren't willing to destroy.[/align]



Kayle took a wide berth away from his mount, circling outwards until the men we evenly distance.  Raising his eyes from the ground, he drew in his breath and pointed his blade at Desmond.  "My apologies, friend.  I fear I may disappoint you."

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Desmond observed the other Hyur give him a wide berth, positioning himself so as to keep nothing at his rear.


'Smart' he thought, space was an important consideration to gladiators confined in an arena. 'He's got good instincts. I might take a guess who schooled him.' Again Desmond pulled his gladius with his off-hand, flipping it in his grasp, backhand to front before passing it to his right. He didn't go for his buckler. Fair was fair.


Delwyn had unusual taste in blades. From what Desmond could discern, it wasn't a sword at all but a spearhead? Curious. It was slender, with a gentle curve at the tip instead of the meaty shape of the gladius that afforded them their chopping power. He resolved to see how the red-haired man would defend against an attack that would beg for a chop as a counter.


Bearing low, Desmond sped into action, half striding, half running towards the other man. Before they met, Desmond swung his right shoulder back, bringing his torso perpendicular to Delwyn. Then just as he came into range, he anchored his lead foot in the sand and with gladius in both hands, stabbed forward directly at the center of the other man's chest...

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Twelve, he's fast! he thought as Desmond quickly closed the gap between them.  Kayle swung his right foot behind him and shifted his weight backwards, careful to keep his blade arm close to Desmond as he roared past.  Desmond's eyes never left his as he quickly pivoted around to secure his flank.  Kayle winced as he realized his back was now to the silent Miqo'te, and shuffled quickly to his left to keep from being flanked my the motionless feline.  He adjusted to keep a slender profile, both arms rose again instinctively with his right arm  at his rear, with the blade near his cheek.


He made his intentions very clear by opening with that strong a maneuver he thought.  Showed his strength, allowed opportunity, and struck true.  It was almost a certainty that Desmond was testing the waters here, but he was also playing for keeps.  Kayle tilted his head down to hide his gaze behind his auburn hair and took a lunge with his sword arm.  Desmond easily swatted the attempt away, forcing Kayle to maintain this new posture with his shield arm at the rear.



[align=center]Like a blade of grass....[/align]



He took another swipe, swinging up and right as Desmond readjusted himself and remained poised.  Kayle brought his off-hand to meet the other already gripping the hilt, and both hands barely brought the slender blade up in time to halt the heavy gladius from severing his left shoulder from the rest of his body.  The momentum of the attack allowed the blades to caress each other momentarily and then slide apart like lingering lovers.  The singing metal pierced the air as Kayle spun once to his right to collect his footing and ready his blade for the inevitable attack.

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The dodge instead of parry, the side-stance with a short weapon, the lunge from a disadvantageous position, it was all wrong. But he was still technically alive.


'Unorthodox' Desmond had to give Kayle Delwyn credit. 'Even the long hair, does more to block me from reading his movements than actually hinder his sight.' And he was strong. He wasn't trying to seriously hurt him but he had put all his momentum behind that last chop to the shoulder and he hadn't broken through.



After a moment had passed, Desmond flicked his gladius around, keeping the blade flat against the inside of his forearm. "Good," he stood up, "Now come at me, let's see if you can break my defense."

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Kayle sized up his sparring partner once again.  Set stance, solid footing, anticipating the attack.  He has the advantage.  This was an exercise in patience as much as it was in force.  Desmond's bladework was flawless, and allowed little room for error.  He would be outmatched with a direct assault...


He hesitated only a moment, then stepped into the attack.  He put his initial effort into a slash right, leaving an opening to his torso only briefly, then spun the blade in his palm, reversing his grip.  He swiped left, covering the opening he'd just created and waiting for Desmond's defense.  He allowed his momentum to carry him into a full spin, and as he brought the blade around he secured his off-hand to the pommel of the weapon allowing him to utilize both hands to fully push the weapon forward.  It'll allow for an attack of opportunity, but only if it misses.  


With a heave, Kayle lowered his guard and slammed the weapon forward.

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Desmond thought he read the attack well enough. His opponent came on, slashing at his weak side, feinting into an attack to get him to expose his torso as he moved his sword arm across his body to counter. A decent enough move, even though it was an intermediate skill for a gladiator. 


Delwyn flashed the attack with some abandon, picking up speed as he went into the second motion, his red hair whipping about his face. Desmond performed the counter blocks with the absent-minded ease of someone who had practiced a thousand times.



He had expected firm pressure on the second attack but the spearhead glanced off of his gladius with barely any force. His eyes went wide as he realized that the other man was still spinning. More out of instinct than a conscious decision, he threw his gladius up as he went low and left. There was a clang as the two blades met and the spearhead zinged right beside his right ear on it's way by. Putting his left hand on the ground for support, he pushed off and straight up, leading with his shoulder.


The other man, still expending momentum, had no choice but to take the brunt of the tackle in the center of his body, sending him tumbling head over heels to the ground a few feet away. They stared at each other, covered in dirt and sweat.


'That was a suicidal move. If his opponent was ready for it, This man would have a sword in his gut.' Desmond thought, alarmed by the recklessness of it. Still, Delwyn had managed to fool him.


His opponent got to one knee, short-spear in hand.


"Hold, Delwyn! That's enough," Desmond held up his hand, he couldn't help but chuckle at the others perseverance. "Twelve, save some of that for the criminals. What do you call that move and how long do you expect to live fighting like that?"

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-They might not have heard it till now, the light thumps of the riderless chocobo heading near them, and running right past, pausing to call then turning to trot playfully away as a white hair Miqo'te appeared. She looked dead tired as she hit the dusty sand ground in defeat. Her body bore light linen and her face was wrapped in it as well. Her tail dropped as she sat on her knees. A light satchel over her right shoulder as she had not noticed the male Hyurs nearby from her pure exhaustion. 


"Stupid Chocobo!"


She cursed under her breath as she tilted her chin up into the air and closed her eyes trying to regain her composer, but her knees did not want to lift her frame from the grains below her bare knees. She was slightly pale with a golden hue of tan over her skin, but lining of pink tinted her skin where from running under the sun all day had brought small burns to her flesh. 


The chocobo walked back keeping distance between itself and the young Miqo'te, making sure it's trainer was still alive. But she didn't budge so the large bird tilted it's head and slowly neared, softly rubbing it's forlock on her cheek. The young girl sighed and rubbed the bird jawline and mumbled under her breath.


"I'll never get to ride you..."

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Kayle's laughter was contagiously loud as he panted and swept his soaked bangs from his face.  "Well met!  I told you I'd likely disappoint you."   He sheathed his weapon and took Desmond's forearm to his.  



"You're not hurt are you?  I'm a bit new at this, I fear.  Likely to walk all day and save nothing for the trek 'ome, if you catch my meaning.  Azeyma watch over me if I 'er end up on the wrong side o' your temper, Desmond."  He put a hand to his rib and gave Desmond a grimaced smile. "Not to worry, I wasn't planning on using that lung anytime soon anyway."



It hurt to laugh, but he was comforted to feel a sense of belonging here among the desert winds and fading light.  It'd been only a few weeks since Kayle had settled in Ul'Dah, and this was the first time since that he'd been this far outisde the city walls. He was so caught in the moment that he barely heard the commotion behind them.



They were both startled and instinctively put hands to their hilts again.  It became quickly apparent that the crumpled form of the Miqo'te was not a threat, and after sharing a glace with Desmond  he ran over to offer assistance to the grounded woman.  "Hail, there.  Another recruit of the Flames?" he asked as he offered her a welcoming hand...

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Delwyn was already extending a welcome to the exhausted female Miqo'te. His affable demeanor was nothing like the frenzied opponent he had just faced. Desmond just shook his head and made his way over, following the male Miqo'tes lead.


He wasn't so sure that their newest party member was actually sent by the office of the Immortal Flames. But then again he hadn't been at his best today when it came to judging others by their appearance. As Delwyn conversed with the female, Desmond turned to the big male.


"My apologies, friend, you know our names now but we still don't know yours." he offered a tired smile, "I don't suppose you'd rather share a story than a spar while we wait? There's still plenty of time till the sun goes down."

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She blinked before lowering her chin, but her gaze at the sudden notation she wasn't alone, her chocobo now standing behind her in fear as she reached out for the assistance finding herself to weak to stand herself. She forgotten how long she had been running.


"I fear I'm not."


She felt the fur in her ears fickle as she was completely venerable to the beings around her. She seemed a little paniced unknowing their purpose. As she felt herself pulled to her feet she barely managed to stand nearly toppling over once more btu catching herself with her right leg as her ears titled completely forward, her face redden from the rush of blood to her face from all sorts of emotions flooding her and the sudden stance on her feet.


"Y-you're not b-bandits, you sure don't look like them... A-are you?"


Her bangs seemed to naturally over her right eye as she looked around herself at them all. Her eyes seemed to be a bright ocean filled aqua flowing through them.-

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The male Seeker glanced the female over quickly before returning his gaze to Desmond. He nodded, completely removing his hand from his weapon and allowing himself to relax - if only slightly. He crossed his arms over his chest.

"S'demyx." He stated simply. He hissed with every 's' sound he made, and a heavy tribal accent made his speaking a bit difficult to understand. 


His ears perked forward, listening in on the conversation of the female while standing to the side of his new comrade in arms, smirking as he addressed him further, "You fight well."


Truly not one for many words.


He held his gaze on the Hyur, Delwyn, watching as he continued speaking with the female. "Though he fights like a cub learning to hunt." He smirk widened briefly into a small, humerous smile, but he held back the will to chuckle. After a pause, he spoke up once more.


"Tell me, Desmond. Why have you sought these bandits. Honor? Glory? Or just for money."

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It was a heavy accent. Desmond had to focus to catch every word. He didn't have much experience dealing with the more tribal Miqo'te. He got the sense that when this one, S'demyx spoke, it was worth listening.


He paused for a moment, then offered, "I have no other choice but to fight, my friend."


S'demyx regarded him impassively, arms across his chest. He was the same size as Desmond, which was above average for a Miqo'te. All of a sudden he was glad this one hadn't spoken up first when he challenged the group to spar. He was fairly certain of the outcome had things been different.



Turning to the other Hyur, he said, "Delwyn, help her over there," he began walking towards where his pack and armor lay. "We can give her water and food." Then turning to the little female, his voice softening, "I apologize but I'm afraid we can't allow you to leave. At least not yet, this is a dangerous area and your life would be at risk if you continue on your own." 


The sun was dipping in the sky.

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S'demyx seemed to become a bit agitated at Desmond's coddling words. He walked over to the largest rock in the oasis after the aforementioned Hyur moved to his pack. He sat down, leaning against it. He removed the satchel from around his shoulder, allowing it to drop carelessly to the ground.


After a minute shuffling, he swore under his breath and unsheathed the massive weapon from his back, allowing it lay before him. The edges were slightly worn and cracked from numerous battles, but it held up all the same. 


He rose, dragging his heavy axe along with him as he approached Desmond. "Whetstone." Was all he offered.


The red eyed man nodded, reaching into his bag to retrieve it. While he looked, the Miqo'te male offered a few quieted words,


"Do you really think it wise for her to stay, Hyur?" He glanced over towards her, sneering at her meek appearance before turning back, a glare in his eyes. "She clearly cannot fight."

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Kayle smiled calmly at the woman as she rose, hoping to disarm her fear.  "No love, we're not bandits.  Truth telling, there are worse things to fear out here though.  We've been conscripted by the Sultanate in Ul'Dah to bring some stability and peace to the area, by order of the Immortal Flames. Come, sit a moment with us by the water.  It's cooler in the shade, and your poor bird looks like it could use a drink."  He made a clicking noise at Redwind, and patted his thigh as he led the young woman to Desmond's rucksack.  The bird calmly sidled along side to his right, looking curiously at the Miqo'te's mount.  



"It's young, I'd wager?" Kayle asked her, motioning to her chocobo.  "Quite playful that one.  Try spending some time with it; playing, walking.  It's still not used to you scent or intentions.  Here, give it some of these" he said as he reached into his belt and produced some pungent roughage, slightly wilted.  "They're pickled and dried, but Redwind loves them just before I brush her down for the eve."



Her trepidation hung thick over the group as Kayle valiantly tried to assert their intentions to ease her mind.  "You know, love, there's something about the edge of the water that's always calmed me."  He led her to the edge of the oasis and removed some of his gear from it's place on Redwind.  He pulled a small bit of dried fish from his pack and offered it with a grin to the young woman.  He passed his gaze between the two men and held up what appeared to be the remainder of his food to them as well.



"I didn't grow up here, you know.  I used to live far, far North.  Farther North than I can remember, truth told.  My family and I, we started travelling when I was very young, and we never settled in one spot for too long.  One day, we came to a small harbor village on the Eastern coast.  There wasn't much to see there, but as it happens it's where the folk from the area migrated to.  There was laughter, trading of goods, and people knew what it meant to be happy despite the world around them."  Kayle's gaze traveled away from the group to the water, and beyond.  "You know, for the life of me, I can't remember the name of that place, but I remember the driftwood.  It gathered at the water's edge, much like the people, arriving from Twelve know where, gathering with others like it.  Waiting for a new life, to make use of themselves.  Withered and beaten, they huddled together and made a home."  



Kayle looked up from his daydream to find the group blankly staring at him.  He felt the blood rush to his cheeks as he embarrassingly stood and tried desperately to divert attention elsewhere.  "Ah, you see!  There now."  He motioned to the young woman's bird as it padded over to her and playfully cooed before settling next to her and resting it's head across the woman's shoulder.  "Does it have a name?"

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-Stared towards Desmond a moment telling her that she couldn't leave. But with the sun settling behind her, she glanced back. She'd rather spend the evening with company then alone with all the creepy crawlies of the night. Nodding merely, though she glared at the other Miqo'te after being called defenseless. Little did he know she had tricks up her, well even with the lack of sleeves. Tricks. Just like her sensitive ears that rotated to even the smallest sound, when she wasn't distracted that is.


She followed Kayle then towards his own chocobo taking the stinky veggies into her hands. She looked over to her own chocobo whom follow near yet and placed it's jaw on top of her head. Which looked rather silly. She closed her eyes a moment before pushing his jaw up and offering the vegetation to the large bird who gobbled them down and swooned soon after and remained close now the sun had fell.


"Yes, he is young. I've had him since he was a egg. He just isn't keen on being riden..."


She remained somewhat silent as they settled along the oasis's edge, her tail coiling around her skirted legs as she did not reject the offer of fish. She held it before taking a bite while he spoke. Her ear shifted upwards as she seemed interested in what he was saying, but tilted when he was finished as if to think of what to say,


"Oh... His name is Firefly."


She finished her bit of fish before finding her lap now filled with the head of her chocobo as she lightly ran her fingers over his feather tuff. Then down over his crown and down his neck, till his large dark eyes closed to fall at ease. She felt her ears tilt back as she looked towards Kayle whom been so kind so far as she spook with a soft and nearly quite tone. Finally offering a very small smile.-


"Thank you for your generosity."

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"It might hurt our case to allow her to go her own way. It is better for us to know where she is than not," he said to S'demyx, who clearly did not approve of the female.




Listening to Delwyn talk, he looked at the people gathered in the oasis, 'Is that what we are? Driftwood? Washing up anywhere without direction?'


It was funny, here they were, sharing food and comfort, when soon they would be offering something very different. They would be offering the men over the ridge death. 'What makes them so different from us. Any one us of could've washed up in that camp.' It was a bitter thought.



The female's chocobo rested it's head in her lap, she caressed it's neck. 'Well, most of us anyway.' A hint of a smile touched the corners of his mouth and he felt a little better.




Desmond picked up his leather haubergeon and slipped into it, tightening the straps with practiced efficiency. "I don't believe anyone else will be coming to aid us." He looked from one face to the next. "They keep two sentries at all times but they are undisciplined, I can take care of one of them, Delwyn, you take the other."


He turned to face the big Miqo'te directly, "Once they're down, S'demyx can attack openly. While you have their attention diverted, Delwyn and I can attack from behind. With skill and some luck, we can win the night without injury."


Remembering their guest, Desmond looked down into her face, one big blue eye peering out from behind her bangs staring back at him. "I think you should stay here with Firefly, little miss. We would not want you hurt."

The female Miqo'te made a face, as if she had something to add. Desmond raised an eyebrow.

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Amaare looked over past the rocks in the area he was sleeping during the day. He loved this place, it was a great resting place and good spot for hiding away from angry ...friends....yeah friends.  As he looked up still half asleep from his morning sleep his Couerl Braxas gave him a gentle lick on his face as she also awoke.


"Ah girlie you always make sure to give me a rightful good morning kiss"


He looked at the big Couerl with a playful smile as he scratched between her ears. She purred in return as he stood up and stretched. Braxas was barely an adult, big for her age but definitely not the biggest by far. Amaare had found her during the Calamity still by her dead mother's side who had suffered from Bahamut's attack like everyone else. He decided to take the baby Couerl with him on his way to Ul'dah after losing his ship to the dragon's attack.


Standing up and looking out over the oasis he lit his pipe and patted the big animal gently.


"Alright hon, its getting dark don't min fightin and all, but ain't in the mood fa getting surrounded by dem beastfoik. Lets go find ourselves some'in ta fill our bellies eh?"


Braxas's ears then pick up the noise of chattering in the distance and turns her head in that direction. she begins walking as she picks up the smell of fish.


"Well now looks like you mighta found breakfast, lead the way babe"

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The tribal male grunted in approval of Desmond's tactics, eagerly awaiting to be able to charge into battle. He sauntered over to his pack, picking it up and quickly bringing it over to the two men.


He reached inside. Though the dingy bag was mostly empty, he managed to scavenge out two thin viles that held a strange concoction. The liquid was thick and slimy, and dark green in appearance. It appeared to be more like sludge than anything else, though it was far from it.


Each of the viles were shoved into both of the Hyur's hands. Reaching in once more, he withdrew a purple vile. This one however moved within its encasing like water as opposed to the thick grimey movements of the green viles. This one, he brought to the Miqo'te female. 


He frowned, before passing it to her. She seemed to hesitate, especially at his cruel demeanor, but took it all the same.


"They're healing potions." He said to everyone at once, dropping the now near empty satchel the ground by the girl before returning to take his place to the other men. 


He took ahold of his newly sharpened axe, waiting for Desmond to continue instruction. 


Curiously, his head turned behind him, ears flattened against his head warily. His large lion-like tale swishing to and fro in anticipation at the sound of what he assumed to be someone approaching. Though he was unsure.

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-She remained silent all the same for quite awhile to hear out Kayle responses as she noticed a small cut, but her thought interrupted as the vile appeared before her face. She did in fact hesitate but lightly grasped it with her fingertips. Her mine wondered, "Why would I need this?" Then it came to her realization, they knew nothing of her but her chocobo's name. She placed it on the thin leather belt holding her linen skirt to her hip, it was lined with small straps it seemed for several uses.


She looked up toward Desmond, he would read her face as her right eye even hidden under her bangs. That she was hesitating with the haze of disapproval coming from the male counterpart. Then her gaze looked down at the chocobo as if shamed. Then with a gasp she raised his face to tilt toward her. A small cut was on his jaw. She raised her right hand slightly.


Then a small white light glowed softly under her fingertips, tilting her hands so it kept to a soft glow and didn't brighten. She traced her fingertips along the small wound healing it. Smiling softly to her bird she pet where the small cut was. He cooed softly and laid his head next to her lap as if to sleep. But it proved that she could in fact heal.-

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