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Which version of the game will you be getting?

Which version of Final Fantasy XIV will you be getting?  

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  1. 1. Which version of Final Fantasy XIV will you be getting?

    • Standard Edition
    • Collectors Edition
    • Holding Strong for PS3 Release

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I haven't placed my order yet personally, but I was intending to get the collector's edition. Awesome box art, early access, and a number of trinkets, including a new security token; I still have mine from when I played XI, but I figure it'd be nice to have a second on hand for when the battery inevitably dies. All for just $25 extra, it seemed like a fair enough deal, especially considering the security tokens alone are what, $10?


However, recently, I've been thinking of getting the standard edition instead. First, it's $25 less and I'm poor; second, I'll probably be busy with my classes at the time the game is released anyway; and third, the garlond goggles. I can totally picture my character wearing them, and they increase the amount of skill you gain! It's useful, and stylish~ Meanwhile, the onion helm is cute, but as I hopefully will not be dying all too often, I don't see it being too useful, nor can I picture any of my characters ever wearing something so gaudy anyway. On the other hand, there will probably be other glasses-type items, as well as other means to increase your skill gain, whereas the Onion Helm would likely be the only item of its kind... and even if my character wouldn't actually wear it, it might be the sort of thing he'd have just for the sake of having.


I'm so torn! Haha. What are everyone's opinions on the two editions and pre-order bonuses?

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Hmm, well, looking closer at the website, it looks as though the standard edition may not allow you to play for the first 30 days free, something I'd just taken as granted with any MMO. With this in mind, the collector's edition drops to $62, as $13 of that 75 may as well just be going to the initial subscription. Add to that a $10 security token (though frankly I feel they're overpriced), and then, so long one feels the early access, gorgeous box art, DVD, travel journal with more art, right of passage certificate, and the ability to invite a friend to play free for a time are together worth more than $2... Well, I think it's fairly safe to say that the collector's edition is by far the better deal. I think I know which I'll be getting.

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I'll be doing the CE. As far as the items go, I consider their bonuses negligable, but asthetics are fun. I want the extra eight days.


I also can't imagine that the standard version doesn't come with a month free.

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It's confusing. On the "game info" page of the main website, there is an asterisk aside the subscription fee that directs one's attention to the following message: "Access to Eorzea is subject to certain license agreements and, after the 30-day free gameplay period, recurring subscription fees. All new game packages come with a period of free gameplay, one playable character and one non-playable retainer character (a non-playable character that provides free item storage and in-game merchant services). After the free gameplay period, the regular 30-day subscription fee will be $12.99. Each additional character will be $3.00 per period, with a maximum of 8 playable characters per account. Each additional retainer will cost $1.00 per period."


The underlined statement asserts that, indeed, the Standard Edition grants players a period of free gameplay. However, the page listing the bonus content of the Collector's Edition also makes note of offering free gameplay for 30 days as a bonus, implying that such a bonus is exclusive to the CE. Perhaps the CE offers an additional 30 free days, on top of however long the trial ends up being?

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I doubt it. It's more likely they are listing it there to entice people into buying the CE. Standard practice for mmos is that all versions of the game come with 30 free days.

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I doubt it. It's more likely they are listing it there to entice people into buying the CE. Standard practice for mmos is that all versions of the game come with 30 free days.


Pretty much. Not to sound overly-cynical, but it's just another selling point to put on the ad in order to make the list of "cool crap we're giving you!" a little longer.

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Yikes, you turn your back for half a day and there's already a preponderance of new posts!


I finally caved and preordered the CE. I was not sure I was ready to make the commitment, but it looks like I'm invested now. :) I've got Amazon Prime, but I did notice the price difference in the US/EU package:


£39.99 (currently)

$74.99 (currently)


Looks like the US peeps are paying a wee bit more (£7.04 or $11.23)!

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See, I'm not sure that I do care about the extra 8 days enough to warrant the extra money, haha... but I'm a sucker for concept art, so I dunno.


I probably would get the collector's edition if the garlond goggles were included with it, too. As someone who primarily wants to do crafting, some stylish goggles that happen to increase the rate of skill ups would be invaluable, as skill ups can be hard to come by. Then again, those eight days of gathering and crafting could also set me up in a better position to play the market... but then, I suppose that's a big part of why I joined the Silver Anvil; to have an easier time of all that. I'm heading to my local gamestop to preorder my copy later today, so I guess I'll just have to flip a coin or something. D:

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I've played XI both on PC and on PS2....overall I enjoyed my PS2 experiance much better. So' date=' seeing how I am primarly a console gamer anyway, I'll be waiting for the PS3 release. Not an easy thing to do, but patience is a virtue.[/quote']



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