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Reasons for a plate-wearing miqo'te?

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Well... My only idea would either be different roots of raising, like you said. Or perhaps influence from City States, maybe Kittycat didn't want to be a Hunter for the tribe when it grew up, it wanted to be a... Tin Can, because it always saw those big burly tanks of people in Ul'dah.


Or maybe a Keeper took influence from the Elezen Lancers and was like "You know what would be more effective against those Trees that Hug back?! A SWORD." - Bam Paladin.


Really, my solution would be to pick things down to their essentials and then feed off it from the ground up, but I'm pretty simple when it comes down to it... So I can't help you much with an in depth badass back story.


After all, my character's trope is sleep. Whaddaya expect!?!


Good luck though!

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But, miqo'te aren't exactly known for being heavy plate wearers. Between Keepers and their forest-y lifestyle in the Shroud and Seekers sweating it out in the deserts, I just can't figure out how to make a Paladin out of one. Not to mention neither of their cultures seem to support the idea either. I could always go the orphan/raised by another race/etc route, but that seems a bit "Eh" for this character.


The heavy plate class, Gladiator, comes from the desert. So, Ul'dah and its surroundings have a tradition of armored combat prowess, despite their less than optimal location for it.


Additionally, your character is an adventurer -- that means that you've felt some calling to step away from your tribe or family to learn one of the Disciplines in the city-states. In your background, if you consider why your character did that, you might get some clues as to why they wanted to pursue this path. For instance, if your character left to learn how to better defend their tribe or family after seeing the aftermath of Bahamut's attack, they might have chosen the Gladiator for its defensive prowess. Alternatively, if they left to seek fame and fortune, the arena offers that, too.

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If you're really set on one, remember, like Freelance said, you're an adventurer. Not everyone chooses to RP their character as one, but this may be the perfect reason TO RP as one. Adventurers are described as "foreign" in some way to the city states. That could be that they're not from Eorzea, or that they're just not from the city state they arrive at. They are the ones that go against the norms, because they didn't grow up traditionally. They try new things and go new places. Miqo'tes may not be physically designed to be paladins, but that may motivate an adventurer Miqo'te to prove those who think that wrong.

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As others said remember Miqo'te are clan based but not isolationist. They've heard of and seen guys like Paladins, and not everyone can be a hunter. It's very reasonable that maybe your character thought 'huh those guys in Ul'dah seem to have it worked out, maybe I'll take that up to protect my clan'. She'd be seen as a bit of an odd duck but no one would, like, cast her out for it.


Maybe in her mind the best reason to go with that style of armor is that, for example, there are some animals that you just can't outrun easy. Speed and precision are nice but sometimes the monster is faster, so she figures she can be the kind of hunter that stands up to even the big threats.


Hell you could go full tribal and have her base this concept off something like an adamantoise, RP her armor painted up like one of their shells or the like?

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Attempt 1:



attempt 2:





Lead to this



attempt 3:


I suppose a reason along the lines of having someone they look up to and want to become(say they were once saved by a hero clad in shiny armour, and after they were done being distracted by the shiny) they decided to follow in said hero's foot steps.

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How to get a Miqo'te in a tin can:


Step 1: Meat Grinder

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit



Does s/he have to have been raised in the tribes? Perhaps a small family unit broke away a few generations ago and took up residence in the city. Distanced from the tribal lifestyle, and perhaps one of many children, the best prospect is to take up arms, etc.

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From playing last night there's a quest with wood wailer over in Gridania that has decided to wear plate mail because they watched the Garleans and realized that having more armor would be advantageous.  If you're playing a Keeper that lives in the Shroud they would have had run ins with the Empire and definitely seen how all that armor worked!


For a Seeker, traders interacting with the tribe your character grew up in could have definitely had plate-wearing mercs with them.  Or if your character ever went into Ul'dah for any reason, they would have seen the gladiators and the paladins.


These kinds of questions are awesome, btw.

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I think it's important to remember that whilst every race has certain expectations, norms and stereotypes there's also going to be exceptions. So long as you ensure that your character concept is feasible I don't think many role-players will take an issue with it. 


You might get odd looks from some of the more traditional members of your character's race, but that in itself can be exploited into excellent fuel for interesting role-play!

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Echoing what some others have said:


Option 1: Not every miqo'te follows tradition closely. In Rhio's case, her family line is more Ul'dahn than anything, as reflected by both naming and their complete non-observance of prior traditions. There's nothing to say that a given miqo'te can't come from a more liberal family, or perhaps a family that's broken off entirely from its tribe.


Option 2: There's also nothing stopping someone from being fascinated by a craft later in life. Perhaps your miqo'te did grow up with the idea that armor is light and flexible, with one-handed swords meant as close-quarter weapons... until the first time she happened to catch a gladiatorial fight. I imagine seeing men and women in heavy armor moving like water despite that armor would be quite eye-opening, as if you'd spent all of your life on a three-string violin and then learned that there's usually a fourth string.


Option 3: If neither of the above apply, there's always obligation. Maybe it's the feeling of owing something to someone else (possibly a paladin) or maybe it's just a matter of not having the real option to avoid heavier armor. Rhio has openly stated in the past that she's more comfortable with wielding two blades than the sword-and-shield style... but Eorzean smiths cast everything weighted for sword-and-shield, so she's had to adapt. Sometimes availability dictates action.

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If you're like me and feel like you should be from Gridania.

Be from Gridania.. (Hard for me to say because of an eternal conflict I'm about to make a post about). Make your character a CNJ from Gridania and through story tell how you are, though your blessed with the powers to heal and protect people, unhappy with your ability to protect them physically. Maybe your just not as great in magic and can't shield someone. Maybe your magic failed and someone was killed? From there leave Gridania. Maybe you're just seeking knowledge, maybe you're ashamed and want a new start. One think is for sure is you want to protect those you love and be it not through magic, through shield.

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