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Guildleve Plates!

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So I saw a post on the beta forums of folks making leve plates for their characters.


Made some for my two characters, thought I'd share and offer to make leve plates for anyone else who wants them. They are quick and easy and give me something to do during downtime. Just post a screenshot you'd like and the "title" for the top of the plate and their name for the bottom of the plate.


EDIT: Note, the smaller the pictures you give me, the more difficult it is to position your image inside of the plate. Feel free to leave your uncropped images in the thread and I'll take care of the rest. It allows me more freedom to place and tinker :D


UPDATE: If you want the high quality transparent version, feel free to message me on skype and I'll send it to you. You'll find me floating around the Intermission channel.










Kiara Coultz





Kikio Kio





C'sien Zoth





Keru Lowry





Nako'li Chalahko





Shia 'Dustyn' Caillte





Ashren Snow





Rhu'to Brom





Flynn Rosenberg





Khaze'to Zhwan





Alexis Price





Sienna Skye





Lorric Wright





Xha'li Moui





L'ohke Tia





L'yhta Mahre





B'jaern Mori





Penelope Rundall








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This is a really neat idea, I'd very much like one. :)


Title: Aspiring Conjurer 

Name: C'sien Zoth





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May I have one as well?


Title: The Writer

Name: Keru Lowry








You can resize it if you want ^^

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Wow those are really cool, I would love one.



Title: The Lost

Name: Shia 'Dustyn' Caillte




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I'm pleased with how well yours turned out Nako'li.



Shia 'Dustyn' Caillte





So much sexyness. Thank you! :D

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Oh wow, thank you very much! :D

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I forgot to post this earlier, but Thanks a bunch I love Keru's its amazing. :D

You are quite welcome!

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