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Giselle's Art (formerly known as Heteph)

Ty Lee

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I have a pretty piddly selection of FFXIV art at the moment due to a stressful job sapping most of my creative energy, but I do have some arts of my future-XIV characters in their pre-XIV incarnations! So that counts for something.


I'll start off with the actual FFXIV art, haha. Just really simple busts (the first of which is super sloppy due to me no longer having a scanner, sorry!)









For some non FFXIV incarnations of these same characters...





Gretel's original incarnation is involved in an original setting horror real world AU thing, so here's her being creepy and gross with her creepy and gross girlfran (who is played by my girlfran).





Faori's ported from another OC from another original universe, so here's some olllld outfit design thing I did for her.





AAAAND because I haven't seen nearly enough lady!roegadyn stuff here, here's some sketches of my blood elf paladin who I'll be bringing in as my roegadyn pugilist because they are legit the most adorable thing in existence.





So yeah, that about does 'er. I know I'll have more FFXIV art once I'm able to play and unwind and get a more solid grasp of my characters. In the meantime, enjoy all this nonsense. 8D

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I have to say I'm in love with the "Weird goat legs and speckles ahoy" picture.


I really love the use of colour in the picture as a whole and I just can't stop staring, especially at the tail... :|


Amazing work and style! I feel myself turning green with envy when I look at this sub-forum. :thumbsup:

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Thank you so much everyone gahhhh I really wasn't expecting such general niceness, it's really encouraging which is always great when I'm suffering through art slumpage.


I was kicked offline about four hours ago and have not been able to log back in since, so I doodled my lancer, Heteph Asanti, who might actually become my main. She fishes with her lance. She's a practical woman.


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Been focusing most of my creative energy on writing up a wiki page for my miqo'te tribe, but I took a break from it long enough to doodle the birth of Heteph's first son. She and her mother are not so pleased.




And then this isn't technically FFXIV but it is one of my FFXIV characters, just in her original incarnation. Gretel the angry German lady with demon guts, as opposed to Gretel the angry hyur lady with a summoning problem.


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SO HEY. I had to leave the game a few months ago due to not having the time/funds to play, but now I've been back a while and, as a result, have a lot of new art to share! I've settled on a new character since returning and have joined a new FC after my previous one disbanded, so most of this artwork is centered around...well, both of those things.


I'll start off basic, so here's just a bleh-whatever-I-needed-an-icon portrait of Giselle Friloux, who is now my main.




You might ask why anyone would draw a freaky giraffe elf serenading an ahriman with an accordion. I might answer "WHY WOULDN'T I."




And here is one Renaud Becquerel, leader of my fabulous FC.




Jajara Jara! ...is not in my FC, but she is a friggin awesome lady.




Wow, I have more art than I thought. I'll finish up for now. This is Giselle's mother, Georgette. She owns a fancy high end brothel in Limsa Lominsa I may be doing a huge writeup on. 8|




That's good for now, I think! I hope to add more to this pile as RP continues to unfold.

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I am in love with these. Are any of these drawings single? Or at least have a hot relative that is?


All of these drawings are single, but they are terribly picky. You must work hard to woo them out for even a single date. (Thank you! This made me laugh hahaha)


Beep beep time for some cat ladiessss


The mother of my now-alt, Heteph. She worships Bahamut and is a little bit insane.





And here's another FC member, I'tsu Fhuz!




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Ohhh boy, it's been a while! I've amassed a small collection of art since last I posted. Man, what the heck? When I was younger I was so on top of my forums. Now I barely remember to check them.






Georgette! Giselle's mother. 





Some Anna and Giselle saparoni.







Sadly, that's most of the noteworthy stuff. Been too busy with work and life to do much else, but I hope to have more soon. B) Thanks for looking!

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