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Gridania RP?

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I was told that it wouldn't exist, so I've been managing my expectations a bit. I figure it's time to actually ASK... 


How interested are people in RPing in/around Gridania? Hyltwakka's concept is kind of revolving around the forest city, and I was hoping to have some RP that would involve the forest's elementals, the sylphs, etc. Even some more simple RP like fishing, maybe, or hunting things like efts, foraging for rare herbs. It would be even better if I could find a free company that's interested in getting a house there together. (I'll be on Balmung.) Are there any free companies with Gridania-based themes? 


I do have my Sunseeker alt for a back up plan, and I figure I can stick him into Limsa or Ul'dah, but a character like Hyltwakka has deeper roots, stronger loyalties and narrower interests.

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Heya,  You might want to check out this FC here for the Gridania Survey Corps which sadly I won't be joining because I am helping to run the EU FC on Balmung. There is also my LS here for the Eorzean Hunters League which will be loosly based in Gridania.  I'm still working on it, we already have a number of members but I haven't made a LS page yet.  I would say look for anyone whos flying the Twin Adders Colours and you will probably find people who like Gridania

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My main character is expected to move from Limsa Lominsa to Gridania (where she was born) early during her story, so my RP will focus on Gridania ^^

Perhaps our characters will see each other around!


I'm in the same boat here.  I was hoping to move to Gridania too after I finished up the Marauder quest line/Became a more competent blacksmith/armorer.  The sad thing is all of you are on Balmung >< lol


I tend to keep to myself though that and the player housing for Gridania will fit a little better for my character too.  Either way I'm sure you can bring the RP with you Forest Guardian.  If you involve yourself with others, they might just trek out to your home when they're in need of you. =D

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Actually my character was kind of looking for some childhood friends that he may have associated with while growing up in Gridania.


Some options might revolve around:


1. A Crafting Rival / Friend:   This would revolve around tutelage as kids in either the Botanist, Leatherworking, Carpenter guilds


2. White Wolf member rival /friend:   At the age of 13 B'jaern participated in the quarterly assessment for new White Wolf recruits which are part of the youth militia. Frequents the Bannock and is a good friend of Galfrid.


3. Moogle Lore Fan Club:  Semi-secret club of kids that attempt to discover the habits and lore of moogles.


4. Chocobo Racing buddy. If you're into chocobos at Bentbranch then you probably know B'jaern.


Send me a PM if interested.

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