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Murder, Mystery, and all the good stuff

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In case you missed it on Eros Skye's thread, Fear-Tober, I will be putting together a Murder Mystery RP event. This will not be for a few weeks but it's best to get this ball rolling.

Selsix Crepuscule will be assisting me by playing a special role in the MM. (no, he's not the culprit...or is he?)


The only thing I need right at this moment is a list of attendees. If you are interested in participating please feel free to send a PM here on the forum or send an in game mail to Morelle Noire.


For those interested, there are a few things you should know about the event:


  •  Roles will be randomly and discretely assigned to participants. I am only going to give brief descriptions of the role, the person may play it up to their hearts content. (I am only here to set the stage)
  • If you are not comfortable with your role, let me know ASAP so I can do some swapping. (this is meant to be fun for everyone.)
  • Please keep your role to yourself to the best of your ability. We can't have the culprit telling everyone he/she is the bad guy/gal. 
  • No GOD MODDING. I know  we look down on it, but it bears repeating.
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


I will post updates on this thread as needed to let people know date and time ect.

Roles will not be given out immediately so please don't worry if you don't get one right away. 

Feel free to PM here or in game if you are interested but have other questions not addressed here. Hope to see a good turn out!

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