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Server Selection


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Please note: Various mass emails will be sent out over the next 3 weeks regarding server selection. Be on the lookout for those (including your spam folder just in case).


Part I: Summary

Part II: The official selection process

Part III: The official voting process

Part IV: Misc. Notes


If you have any qualms about Part II or Part III, please post in this thread immediately!


Part I: Summary


Below is the summary of the RPC's discussion on server selection. This is based on the two month long discussion in the Assembly Room.


*The overall consensus is that the RP community prefers an unofficial RP server over an official one. If given an official RP server, however, we will roll with it for the sake of simplicity and unity.


*The RPC is not responsible for mobilizing non-RPers. The server choice will be heavily advertised both here and on other premier sites. If you have non-RP friends that you wish to share servers with, please take the initiative in mobilizing them yourself.


*Various "what if" scenarios have been discussed. The official selection process should take all of these into account. Many worst-case scenarios have been eliminated due to SE confirming certain things in previous interviews (such as definitely being able to select your starting server).


*While probably not a choice of the RPC, the consensus is to aim for a medium populated server during the vote. High population servers risk long term lockouts (which prevents new RPers from joining and thus starts suffocating linkshells who may need new members). Others fear that a low population may prevent a nicely populated atmosphere (though the RPC by itself can probably push a server from low to medium). So please pay attention to where other major communities are aiming for during the vote.


*If there is a Sephiroth or Kefka server (or any other overly famous villain/hero name), the consensus is to avoid those due to the population such servers would attract.


*Servers are international. The RPC has so far failed to find and mobilize any other non-English speaking RP communities. This is not a priority but if anyone stumbles across any, please let us know. There was mention of a small German RP group here: http://www.ff-xiv.eu/forum/viewforum.php?f=72. German speakers please get back to us on any progress made here.


*In regards to landing on a server with lots of griefers: The RPC advises that all griefers be ignored and reported to a GM as needed.


*Major fan sites (Core, Zam, and Eorzeapedia) have stated that they will support the RPC in our server selection endeavors. Zam is doing this by drastically increasing visibility for us. Core is doing this by agreeing to shut down all RP server selection polls that may pop up there. We are still awaiting a full response by Eorzeapedia, though we suspect theyâll support our server choice as well.


Part II: The official selection process


I stuck with the letter "L" to avoid confusion since the whole "Sephiroth" issue will now be moot but if anyone wants to change this, speak up now!


====If one official RP server is designated by SE====

1. We choose that one.


====If multiple official RP servers are designated by SE====

2a. If we know in advance what they will be, we vote.

2b. If we do not know in advance, we choose the first alphabetically from L.


====If no official RP servers are designated====

3. If we know in advance what they will be, we vote.

4. If they're based on villains, we go with what we decided during the open beta vote (vote to begin soonish).

5. If they're not based on villains (or our chosen villain isn't listed), we choose the first alphabetically from L.


Part III: The official voting process


*Official poll will be in the Assembly Room. Any additional polls created will be nuked. Mods please move such extra polls to the Council Chambers immediately. Members who keep making a new poll separate from the official one will have their accounts temporarily disabled and/or banned depending on the offense.


*Mass emails will be sent out when voting begins and when it ends. If you don't check the forums often, keep an eye on your inbox (spam folder included).


*Each RPC member has one vote and one vote only. There will be no changing of a vote so make your first one count.


*The poll will last no longer than 3-5 days. This is assuming we have the server names at least 3-5 days BEFORE September 22nd. Otherwise, there likely won't be a poll at all and we'll defer to our other selection methods listed in Part II.


*Secondary forum accounts will be temporarily disabled prior to the vote.


*Forum registration will be set to "administrator approval" during the vote.


*Poll results will be hidden until the poll closes. That means nobody will be influenced by whatever server is "winning" or "losing."


*In the extremely rare event of a tie, the RPC Council will hold a swift vote to break the tie amongst themselves. This tie vote would be concluded BEFORE the game goes live.


*The server that gets "2nd place" in the polls will be considered the "spillover" server. That means if the unofficial RP server gets overpopulated and locked, the second choice will be the one to go to until population can get back to a regular size. We will come up with a long term solution with this issue when/if it occurs.


Part IV: Misc. Notes


*All RPC member linkshells and freelancers are asked to respect the poll results regardless of any personal bias with the server name.


*The RPC will stand by its server decision regardless of any drama that may arise on other sites about it.


*In the event that there are too many RPers to fit on a single server (server overload), the spillover server will serve as the temporary home for other RPers until we discuss a longer term solution (if any). The overflow server will be the one who wins second place in the poll. If no poll, it will be the next server after the RPC's chosen server alphabetically starting with L.

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~New forum mod installed that allows poll results to remain secret until the poll has concluded. This feature will be used in the upcoming vote.


~Several secondary forum accounts have been deactivated. More pending. They will be reactivated after the poll concludes.


~Forum registration will be set to admin approval only as of early Monday.

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As a reminder, please post the full server list in this thread the moment one of you finds it. I will then prepare the poll in the Assembly Room within about 10 minutes. I'll be camping the forums around beta start so I should be prepared. If by some chance I'm nowhere to be found within 20 minutes of the list being posted, a mod can post up the poll.


Another note: I'm not sure how active these forums will get around this evening. We may get overloaded in sessions. Thus, if the forums load with an error message (usually an SQL error), you'll have to wait until the server resolves said issue before reconnecting. This can take anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour depending on how much stress is on the server. Just want everyone aware of this so they don't panic if it happens. We might temporarily break the forums during the vote :lol:

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I'm going to personally advise, for the same reasons of people going to Kefka / Sephiroth, against choosing Figaro or Wutai. Other than that, I'm not too familiar with some of these cities, and encourage people to keep an eye on the news thread to see where other groups go now that the names have been changed.

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