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New to the FF world


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Thank you for the welcome Annelotte. :) Trying to break into the RP community here as well, I think I keep missing everyone or in the wrong place at the wrong time. lol


Time has alot to do with it but its more about being outgoing and seeking those people out. Many groups are pretty tight knit. Just get out there and talk to people. The biggest thing I see new people do is pretend to know lore and class info more than they actually do and then get eaten alive. Just be you (or whomever you are Rping to be) and you will get along just fine!

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Hey there and welcome aboard to both Balmung and the RPC! :thumbsup:


You have multiple options for breaking out into the community, and the more of them you take advantage of, the faster you can do it. So, you can try joining some linkshells, finding yourself an RP FC that you like the jib of, and of course you can create a Making Connections post here on the RPC! All of these will give you more hooks to finding people and forming repeat encounters. Every little bit helps!

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Hey there and welcome to Balmung!


The best place to start is with the Balmung RP Calendar and finding a few events that angle toward the kind of RP you're interested in.  Then you can start looking at other character profiles once you've found a few characters or personalities you'd like to meet.  While you're window shopping, be sure to check out the Free Company Hall or the Linkshell Hall to find Free Companies and public groups that may suit your character.  If you're ready to put yourself out there and find some new friends, stop by the Making Connections forum and start fishing for some roleplay!


For lore questions, be sure to check out Sounsyy's Lore Compilations; she's done an amazing job with compiling a lot of the game lore into easy-to-find threads!


You're welcome to add me to your friends list; I'm a fairly busy person, both in-game and out, but I'm always happy to schedule/arrange a day to roleplay with folks when I'm not preoccupied with other things like the Gridania Story-Go-Round.


All that said, I hope you find what you're looking for and hopefully I'll see you around in-game!

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