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Class Confusion! Help?! Releveling?


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I'm completely new to Final Fantasy, and I don't understand this. But, I've been told while I'm playing "yay bard :D" when people realize I am an Archer. I rolled an Archer because I thought it was the class I wanted to play on create a character. Now people are telling me at level 30 I need to make a new class... Pugalist and get to 15 and then go back to my Archer and become a Bard? I wanted an Archer! Not a singing guy that does nothing. :(


Why am I going to have to level to 30, then start over to 15? I thought I should just go all the way to 50. Can someone clear this up for me? I choose an Archer on purpose. Because I wanted to play a ranger/archer. The game has not been clear on this at all.

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Nah, they're telling you to upgrade your class rather than completely picking a new one. You need to level up Pugilist to 15 in addition to having level 30 on Archer in order to unlock the Bard class. Like Lost River said, Bard is still an Archer. They just gain access to songs to use in battle.

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When you get to level 30 in your main class, and 15 in a specific alternate class, you can take the job quest. When you get it, you upgrade from, in this instance, archer to bard. Bard is literally just archer with new skills, and new equipment available. You don't -have- to upgrade into bard, but there's literally no downside to it..

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Essentially more skills and stronger armor which leads to better stats and bonuses.

this, plus if you don't take on a Job you won't have people picking you for dungeons and such when end game stuff hits. I've seen this problem really noticeable with Tanks after level 30, they just can't hold the enemies attention for the people with jobs for some reason. I know some people have even dropped out of parties when they saw the tank was a class and not a job.


They could release an extra job for current classes, and archer could include anything from ranger, to sniper. so for the moment if you want a bow dungeons will need to be done as a bard after you hit level 30. unless you have another job you want to play.


by the way, you might want to select your characters battle style( for endgame dungeons at least) based on desired job, not so much class. you could still RP all sorts of combinations for classes and such to make your own bit of fun until they release the job you want.

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And jobs it has to be said are changeable and removable if needed. When you get the lvl 30 and lvl 15 secondary class requirements you do a quest that gives you a job crystal. Slotting this makes you a Bard and unslotting an Archer.


However as people said you'll still be an Archer as a Bard it's the same thing as all job classes are just more powerful versions of your main class that gets like 5 new skills. You will love Bard trust me and people will love you. Especially healers since healing is so much less pressure if you can get the mana song going for them.


The new skills you get for your job class are also much better like for example i started as a Conjurer and then leveled Arcanist to 15 to get my White Mage job. This gives me several helpful new skills like a more powerful group heal and a regen skill which lets me use a spell to regen health and waste less mana on periodic heals for the DPS.


You should probably have a read about classes because you don't seem to quite understand what it all means for you and reading the stats and skills will really help you in the long run. There are also cross class skills so if you level certain classes you can use their skills on your main class.


These cross skills can prove very useful not all of them are particularly good but you might get one or two that are great. Like if i level Thaumaturge did i spell that right? But yeah if i level that i can use their Swiftcast skill which is good for raising people fast since raise normally is a long cast which means people need to hold out without me healing them. With Swiftcast i can raise instantly.

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To explain it easier, archer is a low level class, and bard is the advanced level class. Also bard is probably the second most powerful DPS. It was a support class in 1.0, but now it is mainly a DPS class. 


It's kind of like in FF3, you have the Evoker class, but later on you get the Summoner class which is a stronger version of it. You are just getting a stronger version of archer.

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I think He is also worrying about the time in lvling a second class but if my memory serves me right secondary class have an exp bonus to help them lvl up fast (as long as your main class is higher to your secondary class)....... I can lvl 15 in just a day if I focus on lvling...... just do some guildleves, hunting log (make sure you kill those mobs as a pugilist) and FATEs but if you don't have a lot of time (like you only have 2h-4h of gameplay) 2 or 3 days is enough or you can join FC to have more bonus exp :D (you can join mine :)) ... if you don't do job your character is weaker and cannot equip the best Items/gears, you get bonus stats if you equip job crystal, bonus health and bonus DMG (20 dex I think but I don't know the numbers of STR and VIT) and songs are good skills :D do not underestimate bards they are like the powerful version of ARC which in my opinion is "over powered" (that is a compliment).... plus you can do all classes and jobs in Final Fantasy 14 in one character(I'm doing it) if a 2nd version of Archer's Job(aka Ranger or some other name) is released you can do its quest then obtain it's crystal unequip the bard's crystal or other job crystal then equip the new job crystal and voila! there you go you changed your job(but make sure that its secondary class is also lvl 15) there is no risk in becoming a bard or any other classes or jobs and why should you wait for this second class to be released or become weaker and don't get a lot of PT for end-game if you can change classes and jobs constantly? if you are worried about stats points you can reset it there is an Item that will let you do that I forgot the name though but you can buy it via seals in Grand companies (the reason for doing a second class for a job IMO is that lvling in FF14 is easy but not very easy of course >_> and the lvl cap is 50 I don't think it's a good/smart idea to start a job change when you cannot lvl your character any futher it's like you just change your name for no purpose) (you can reach lvl 50 in a month or 2 if you don't play a lot and only focusing in one class)

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You can be a level 50 Archer with nothing else but the game is designed with multiclassing in mind.


A level 50 Archer with the Bard job added to it and a bunch of abilities learned from other classes will be significantly better than a straight level 50 Archer.


It's just how the game was meant to be played.


The game has not been clear because it doesn't matter yet, but with a minimum of research, you can find out all the infos about it.


Here: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Archer_%28Final_Fantasy_XIV%29#Bard

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