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The Masquerade


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The Masquerade


Hello everybody.


An esteemed gentleman of Ul'dah is making his way to the wonderful city of Limsa Lominsa, an entrepreneur of superior value, ever seeking to requisition business deals. The man in question is none other than Rameux Pantont.



"Who?" Might you ask, well you uncultured swine, he's a weapons broker, he's a peddler, he's a seller of just about anything he can get his hands on and he gains a healthy profit, he's a bit of a swindler. He is a man of pleasure and the Wayward Star company has kindly volunteered to host a party in his honour. The Wayward Star company whose Captain heroically aided the Yellowjackets on numerous occassions, who has served Limsa without little to ask in return, who has earned the trust and respect of high-ranking officials in Limsa, a man known for keeping pirates and other criminals at bay. He is backed by a hard working and loyal crew, led under the title of Wayward Star, giving them the respectability they truly deserve. A crew with the right noteriety to be honourable and trustworthy hosts for a man of certain wealth.


The Location

Ah what better place than a sweet countryside location away from the hustle and bustle of the city? What safer place than away from criminal minds and petty thieves? Well, the place I'm talking about is Wineport.


The Event

Wineport has a few useful facilities for those looking for a fine evening. The night will start off in the function room, where drinks will be served. Introductions will be made, ice will be broken and of course, the great Rameux will make his entry. An opportunity for people to boast their egos.


Once you're all comfortable I hope you haven't been nibbling too much because in the next room there will be food serve, a feast fit for a king and an open bar, who can argue? With a full belly and alcohol to stimulate the coversation, you'll be sure to mingle.


Enjoyed your meal? I hope you've not drank too much, because a high-class social event won't be complete without wine testing, come on, there's a vineyard, surely you'd expect to? For those posh doozies who want to taste the wine can join Rameux around the Vineyard, have the opportunity to taste the sweet grapes when ripe.


Wine tasting not your thing? Not to worry, the bar will still be open. Talking of respectable, how does an evening of burlesque sound? I've spoken to Y'vali and she seems interested, maybe her girls would be so kind as to join us?

The Dress

Formal wear with a mask. There's a few variations of masks in game (I think dyes work too), so you don't have to look the same. 



What Do We Need?

  • Security. Come on, a high class individual such as Rameux making his presence? We need to keep thieves out. Would Echo Knights be up for this? We'll need two people to be hired as personal bodyguards for our man, Rameux for this evening.
  • Drinks. Guests need to be satisfied with competant bar staff, would Wulver's Den be happy to oblige?
  • Good food. Saefinn can cook, but he's no culinary expert. If anybody's prepared to assist, he would be very happy.
  • Entertainment. An evening without entertainment is like crumpets without tea, it just ain't right. I've asked Y'Vali if she wants to get Ambrosia involved, but if there's any other entertainers out there, we would like to know.
  • Guests. No point throwing a party without guests. Just about anybody's allowed to come so long as they're able to maintain ettiquette. That's right Amaare, no pissing in public this time.


Why Host This?

Please, do not question our motives. We are honoured to host such a man, it looks good on Limsa Lominsa should we be effective hosts. In Wayward Star's hands, surely nothing will go wrong to ruin such a perfect evening, right?




Date: Saturday 26th October 2013

Time: 11pm GMT, 6pm EST


If you want to help out. Please, let me know! :)

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Cheers for the interest guys. The scheduling will be the difficult bit, with people working both Friday & Saturday and having EU players. I am EU myself, but the advantage of a Friday & Saturday is that I don't have to work the next day (well, I work 1 in 3 weekends) and I can sleep in - if other EU players are able to get away with a later scheduling, I may reconsider the time and make it later. The initial mingling will account for any lateness before events get under way...some people like to be fasionably late to parties after all. ;) I'm normally the sad git who's turns up first and is like, "why is nobody here?" Saefinn on the other hand is the kind normally to stumble in when it suits him, probably drunk, though for The Masquerade, he will be on his best behaviour, he doesn't want to scare away the great Rameux now.

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I am thinking sometime mid-october, probably a Saturday after 5pm EST. I'll need to check when I'm working and what's suitable for people playing a part in it.


Also, thank you for the interest. I'll start writing up names, I will definitely be interested in the offers for security and bar staff.


The social side of the event won't be too much of an issue to plan, I've just got to set aside the time to plan the evening's events. There will be a little bit of drama in the evening's events, so be sure to stay tuned. ;)

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