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Elyscia Rose

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I can RP again after two months! Figured to make this post myself, finally!



I. Basic Info 

  • Characters: Elyscia Rose
  • Primary character: Same as above
  • Linkshells: Apple Alliance, Something Gold, We're not Bad at Ramuh, Expert Hunts.
  • Primary RP linkshell: Apple Alliance

II. RP Style 

  • Amount of RP: Medium?
    I had never RP'ed before November of 2013 (seven months ago!) so I will be a wee bit shy and nervous..
    But first and foremost I play this game for the PVE content. I do enjoy RP'ing and will sometimes make time for it once I'm beginning to burn out/need a break, or managed to grind out all the stuff I want, it honestly depends on how I'm feeling and what I want to do. If you're never sure, send me a PM - I don't mind organising when to 'meet-up' with you again!
  • Views On RP Combat and Injuries:
    Fights happen. I've had 'bad stuff' (...very bad stuff. sadface.) happen to my character, but never had a proper fight before (with dice-rolls and all that jazz) I'd probably like to be discussed with if this happens, though.
  • Views On IC Romance:
    I'm a sucker for romance because I like chick-flicks and rom-coms and I bet you all do too, don't lie! I'm all for natural progression because what happens, happens. Please do note that I keep IC and OOC seperate, and I treat these things as though I were watching a movie, curled up on the couch with a box of tissues (no fap) and chocolates, maybe some popcorn - ALL the sweets, rooting the characters on, screaming and cat-calling at the screen and making lewd remarks and comments. Just let it flow~
  • Views On Non-Romantic RP:
    Would love to make friends and lasting connections IC.
  • Views on lore:
    My knowledge of the lore is not the greatest, but I will try my best to abide by it and will always run-by an idea with somebody I know who is basically a living, humanised wikipaedia when it comes to FFXIV: ARR lore, to make sure I'm not over-stepping anything or being silly and throwing a stick of dynamite at someone's immersion.
  • Views on chat functions:
    I am not in-character if I'm not using quotation marks. I also don't use brackets to indicate I'm speaking OOC, because I use that to say she's speaking quietly. There's such a thing as a loud-whisper that people could overhear, too!
    I will adhere to Linkshell rules though if they say it's used for OOC or IC.

III. Other Info

  • Country: UK - Scotland
  • Timezone: BST (British Summer Time) ARE YOU HAPPY AMY.
  • Contact info: PM here or find me in game. I run skype/steam pretty much all the time (Skype moreso) just send me a message if you want to add me!

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But it's still wrong xD? BST is GMT +1... BST + 1 is crazy! We'd never meet the American people then!

[01:14:41] Elyscia: GURL

[01:14:42] Elyscia: LEAVE ME ALONE

[01:14:44] Elyscia: I'M TIRED

[01:14:45] Elyscia: I WENT TO BED AT 6AM

[01:14:51] Elyscia: I meant to say that BST = GMT +1

[01:14:55] Elyscia: so I made the +1 to show that

[01:24:05] Amy: xD



My derp is unreal at times, OK?

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My derp is unreal at times, OK?

But it still says BST + 1 xD



Ruru!  Maybe I don't want to meet Americans!  *Grumbles at how late events start for European time*


I love you all . . But get out. Out. OUT! *Tries to push everybody out*

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