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Summoners Taboo?


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Some of my company mates and I were wondering whether or not a full on summoner would be taboo to the community, similar to a black mage or thaumaturge.  While the black mage quest clearly states that the type of magic is illegal and the thaumaturge quest line notes general public fear, (I believe?  I could be mistaken)  no such things seem to lay hidden in the arcanist/summoner lines.  From my understanding it's a lost art that is being studied again and our PC is the experiment.  It does not however come off as taboo, from that aspect.


The counter argument to this in our discussion, is people are scared of primals, a summoner is controlling the essence of a primal, and therefore the very thing people fear.  


Let's figure this out.  Are summoners Taboo in the general public?

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The main site indicates that the Jobs are currently undergoing a revival. So, it's unlikely that any of them are illegal outright (I don't recall the Black Mage line saying that it was illegal to use such magicks, just that it was highly frowned upon due to their destructive nature, and that they were largely considered lost). Thaumaturges aren't feared, I don't think, more than any other powerful group in Ul'dah. They run the temple to Nald'thal, for instance, so they're quite public. That said, they do try to cultivate a mystique of terrifying power (which, as the THM quest line notes, is something of a façade :) ).


My personal opinion is that Summoners probably weird people out, but in the way that new, strange things that are poorly understood weird people out. Ifrit-Egi, for instance, is downright scary looking, and no matter how much you may say it's completely under your control and an Egi isn't a Primal, people will fear what they don't understand. Adventurers, being more familiar with such magics, are far less likely to throw a fit or run away in terror.

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I wouldn't say summoners are taboo. They are just more rare, even by Job standards. (And that's saying something.) So Summoners originated from the time of the Allagan Empire circa 5000 years ago. They and their power to control primal essences has not been experienced since that time. Now in the storyline, the Player Character is the first to experiment unlocking these powers but probably won't be the last.


I believe that because summoners are Allagan, they wouldn't be met with too much resistance to the general adventurer community. Allagan anything and everything is all the rage in Eorzea right now. Allagan books, Allagan armor, Allagan tomestones, Allagan ruins, etc etc. I think the idea of the Allagan Summoner revival would be taken quite well by the public. However, seeing the Primal Egis in action might not go over so well. Primals are terrifying and people have good reason to fear them. Seeing even a baby version of such Gods would probably terrify most people.

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It's just we're missing an Allagan flamethrower, we all know it's about merchantising .


I wouldn't say there's ataboo, but certainly something to make people feel uneasy. It could be seen like a Thaumaturge carrying a good sent, you have the essence of a primal, people gotta question that. However, among adventurers I imagine it's to die for.


However, as Ascians and Allagans share an interest in primals, you can share the two sides a bit. I think Ascians would be very drawn by any kind of magic capable of manipulating another. That said, I think to like them in, you'd need to be high profile enough to gain their attention.

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To echo the general consensus here:


Amongst adventurers, Egis are just another means to the end.

In the general public, it would probably get you the wrong kind of attention. If someone was walking around the city with their weapon drawn, it'd draw an eye. If someone's walking around a city with the fluorescent image of a monster following them, it's tantamount to a threat.

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Just to clarify my view on it, I don't think walking around with an Egi following you is likely to get you attacked or jailed by the city guard. After all, Arcanists (who rather publicly display their Carbuncles) are known to the populace, and so summoned creatures under the control of a mage aren't exactly exotic. That said, walking around with an Egi following you is like walking around with an assault rifle slung over your shoulder -- it's a clear statement that you're combat ready and have a weapon (that most fear and don't really understand) ready to go. It's bound to make the average person fairly nervous, and so dirty looks, averted gazes, and a keen watch by the city guard wouldn't be out of the ordinary. Whether a character cares about such things is another matter entirely; for instance, L'yhta doesn't have Egi out in the city-states (excluding the Arcanists' Guild), but she will keep them around in outlying villages and places like Revenant's Toll that are frequented by adventurers. She cares about seeming approachable to the average citizen, though, and not freaking people out.

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