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Crystal Tower 2 Premade

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With the coming of 2.3 we shall be getting a new wing of CT, and even at this stage CT 1 is still more often then not a derp fest. A few weeks ago several prominent  members of the RP community on balmung successfully pulled off a coordinated full alliance premade multiple times in a row. My hope is to repeat that process teh patch week for CT 2!. I need two people who have access to mumble, to help me lead the two other full party s.



The tentative date for this event is July 9th at approximately 8 central.


This date is subject to change if the attunemt is as dumb as CT 1 was, as well as if my progression team takes the night off. Please RSVP via PM or on this thread. There are currently 19 slots open and a finalized list will be made the Saturday before patch.

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I don't remember exactly where or in which Live Letter this was mentioned, but I do distinctly recall Yoshi mentioning that they were pushing for the capability to allow people to queue in groups of 24 so that Free Companies could do CT ((and presumably Frontlines) together.


I wouldn't be surprised if that capability comes out when CT2 does.

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Oh man, RPing this would be interesting. We dive through ancient Allagan ruins, deteating horrible monsters from before time itself and dodge deadly traps set for us and what are the fruits of our labors? Clothing! No, let's overlook all the other useful and valuable artifacts that could expand our civilization and make us filthy rich. Those shoes are just to DIE for!

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I've said for a long time that the real challenge in CT isn't the dungeon itself, it's the Human Condition.


So true. :(


If you need an anything (ranged DPS, healer, or tank), I'm willing to help out if I'm available at the time in question (July 9 I can do, though :) ). My preference is healing, but I'm happy to do whatever's needed.


EDIT: Should it be relevant (unlikely, given that CT2 is still supposed to be pretty easy :) ), I'm currently WHM i85, PLD i83, BLM i83, SCH i82, and SMN i80.

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I'd be up for joining this as well~

Theta's a SMN (ilevel 93) doing a bit of research on some artifacts of allagan that has unfortunately come into her possession (and on her person) and would definitely be interested in investigating some more ruins!


Though if this isn't going to be an RP event, that's fine as well! I want that Scylla top!

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As far As I am aware no. People are free to organize and create their own groups because there has been more then enough interest expressed over all my sources.


I will try and get in touch with the people who expressed interest here sunday

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