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Well met!

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Greetings! I am Valandil, new to the community here!


Below, I've decided to fill out that pinned template, but before that, I have a few questions for the active members of this forum, I really hope I hadn't missed awesome roleplay chances, since it doesn't seem to be overwhelmingly active on this site! Might have just picked a bad time to check in, as I did start doing my research on this about a day ago. Seems alive to me!


First and foremost, which server is the most active for roleplay? Upon browsing and lurking a little bit, I've noticed that it trends towards Balmung. Is this true? 


Secondly, Is it hard to find roleplay outside of Linkshells and FCs, or can I seemingly find it easily in cities?



--MMORPG background

I've played World of Warcraft for over seven years, being a heavy roleplayer for about five of those years. I played RIFT for three months, LOTRO for about a month, as well as a few other MMOs which I can't really remember. I played ARR for the free month upon release, as well as during Phase 3 of the beta, and am now planning to resubscribe and create a new character on a roleplaying server.



--RP experience

I've been a roleplayer for over half of my life, with my father being huge into D&D, so it really came naturally to me to love roleplaying in general. I consider myself experienced and enjoy roleplaying with anyone. Although, I am the type to try and give constructive criticism if I see something a bit off. No harsh feelings intended, just OOC statements of my opinion.



--Character ideas/info

I've yet to resubscribe, but I'm honestly trying to figure out what sort of character I should make. I have a few ideas in my head, but none that I've yet to decide on. I'm open to any suggestions however! It's hard to think up stuff sometimes. As for OOC class/job, thinking of going along the Black Mage or Bard routes.




--How did you learn about the coalition?

To be completely honest, Google. Was looking to get back into this game and, boom. Here I am.



--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

I consider myself to be a heavy roleplayer that enjoys each aspect of the game, be it crafting, PVE, and anything else A Realm Reborn offers.



--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Hmm, well. I'm currently a Computer Science major, for one thing. Hobbies? Eh, I enjoy theorycrafting and playing games at a more competitive level. What else... Of course, I enjoy writing and love coming up with stories, characters, and tales.



Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, and I look forward to roleplaying with the community here!

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Hello and welcome! I'll try to answer your questions based on my personal experiences.


I'm on Balmung, and I'd say there is much roleplay to be had here. However, a lot of people like to make an alt on Balmung and an alt on Gilgamesh to patter around, then decide from there. (The Gilgamesh folks seem nice, too! But it's really just a matter of personal preference.)


As for finding roleplay, the Quicksand (in Ul'dah) seems fairly active a lot of the time for tavern roleplay. There are also public RP events that pop up on the calendar here, so those are good to show up to as well.


From my experience, it's easier to find involved roleplay when you join a LS or FC. I'd recommend browsing the Linkshells here on this site and see if any have a concept you might like to partake in. Many of them have stories that a character can get involved in, and it inherently introduces you OoCly and ICly to a group of RPers who may not hang around taverns as much. (IE: Ones that you would otherwise never ICly meet.) I find they're a great way to meet people, so long as you make the effort to get involved (like showing up to their events or actively using the linkshell, if it happens to be IC.) As with most things, an RP experience is what you make of it.


Hope that helps! :moogle:

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Ah, thanks for the quick answers! That's what I really assumed. Before I jump into things that are a bit more involved when I join, I plan to hang around a bit and do some things that are a bit less involved. I find it a good way to get a feel for my character and sort out how I'm going to play them mainly. 


Thanks for the help! It does mean a lot, and I cannot wait to join up. :moogle:

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Strange, a good friend of mine generally uses the moniker Valandil. Welcome to RPC, it's good to have you here! You can certainly find RP on Gilgamesh, but I'd say Balmung has more role-players and more open RP. As you can see here, more of the events, linkshells/free companies, and newcomers seem to be on Bamung.


To answer your second question, you can easily find RP outside of linkshells and FC's (especially if you make connections or browse for events here on the RPC) but it certainly helps to be in RP-related linkshells or an RP-friendly FC.

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Heya! What server were you on in WoW and what side did you play? I was on both Silver Hand and, toward Lich King's release, Moon Guard. Alliance both times! I ask only because most people I seem to find that play it played after I left, so I was wondering if I might have ran into you before!

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Aha! Well, I haven't played on either of those servers. I started my WoW career on Twisting Nether (as a PVE player) and moved onto Wyrmrest Accord sometime during Wrath of the Lich King. I've played on both sides during that time.


Edit: Damn, looks like the username Val is rather common. I might have to change to something else. :D

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So many familiar words. Amazing to recall a game when that expansion was out years ago. And for some reason the name looks familiar.


I moved to Moon Guard early on in Wrath of the Lich King where I fell in love with raiding and, honestly, I found most role players did not care for people who were progressive in PvE. Recently for the end of Pandaria I made the move to Wyrmrest Accord. It is nice to have a break from studying theory craft and working on constant progression, particularly on role play servers as the raiding pool is quite shallow and for the Accord it is all only ten man groups.


Balmung has the nicest community I've seen on a game in awhile and I really enjoy everyone I run into. There's a lot of nice guilds/free companies to check out and try.


Walking around the streets of any city, particularly Ul'dah, you'll find people role playing. It's immersive.

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Welcome to Balmung! :D


As others have posted, Ul'dah is pretty thriving with it. Especially in the Quicksand. Myself and others have been trying to work it up, deepen it so to speak. It's stupid but the word I'd use to describe the RP is in fact "Ul'dah"


You have those who are self-righteous. You have those just trying to live. You have those with their political or military machinations. Etc etc. It's been made great fun and I'm really happy to have met all of those who have made the RP what it is.


So you don't have to be in a Linkshell or an FC to find it but they'll maybe one day help you find something... "deeper"? Or you can do tavern RP in the quicksand that helps you get into deep plots by building relationships with people, that works wonderfully too.





I have to ask. Is your profile pic from Gintama?

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I've had a hard time trying to decide which server to land myself on. For now, I've decided to hop on Gilgamesh with a friend of mine, although Balmung interests me quite a bit. I hope that I can find stuff there instead of have to switch over. Finding a group is a high priority for me, but random RP is fun to do during downtime or when I'm not doing anything else.


The wonderful responses do help, though! I'm interested to see what I can find on my search.


(My profile picture is from Cromartie High School, by the way.)

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