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Doman Connections

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Just thought I would put this out there, Both of the characters I play come from a Ninja clan in Doma. If anyone would like to RP being a Ninja from Doma or at least having been one at one time. Feel free to message me and I can help you. Or if you even feel like you might have known a clan in Doma or visited. There is always a chance our characters could have met :3

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Still seeking Domans. Surely, its not just me and Hideki running around.


Heck, don't even have to be a ninja to hang out with me o3o


But what happened to Tah?!


Altitis happened ;w;

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  • 4 weeks later...

Mini-bump. Always happy to meet another character hailing from the far Eastern lands of Othard and beyond!


I've created a linkshell, we're tiny right now but if anyone is interested, feel free to message me here or in-game!

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