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Well I figured since someone had mentioned this website I would come check it out. Hey I am thebossman and I am currently brand new to the world of Eorzea, though I am noob to this world, I am no noob when it comes to role playing. My experience ranges from games, to chat rooms and even a couple game rooms. If anyone can point me in the right direction of where I could find some role play or even a couple guilds that focus on role play I would be grateful and call you my friend forever :)

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Hey! Welcome to Eorzea and the RPC.


One of the pages here is a Linkshells tab. It provides information about Linkshells and Free Companies (guilds) that you might find align with your play style / interests.


Also, the three main city-states, Gridania, Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa all have RP. You can find dedicated events in the Balmung Events area as well. Typically the 'taverns' of the cities are great places to find RP, I know the Quicksand in Ul'dah is a good example.


I hope you find what you want!

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And if the excellent advice Kage gave doesn't work, one method that worked for me was to go spelunking through the wiki (recent updates will give you characters people have recently edited, so you know they're still active), find characters that I liked, and then pm their player to see if they'd be interested in rping with me! I like to think it worked pretty well. :D


Welcome to the RPC and don't be shy! People here are very friendly, and typically pretty darn flexible.

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Hello there, welcome to Balmung and the RPC! :D It's always good to see some fresh faces! I'm glad to chat or role-play anytime, so feel free to say hello if you see me around or send a /tell. As for RP guilds, Harbingers of Dawn is a good-aligned, med-heavy RP FC dedicated to protecting and aiding the citizens of Eorzea. We'd be happy to have you! You can learn more about us here and apply on our website if you're interested.

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I noticed that a lot of people asked for them...do more people want to role play with them?


Diversity is a wonderful thing, so if you're thinking of making one you'd only get enthusiasm from me.







*totally added to the miqo'te overpopulation problem :D *

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