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Balmung always seems locked


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I'm new to the website here and over the past several days I've been trying to make a character but Balmung always seems to be locked. I've been trying at completely random times hoping I might get lucky, but I've had no luck.


I've noticed Gilgamesh a few times but from what I can tell Balmung seems to be the primary RP community.


My main character currently resides on Behemoth, I'm well versed in the game but I was looking for something a bit more and that is what made me think of finding the roleplay community.


I'm an old school roleplayer, I've been doing it for the best part of 10-12 years I'd say. I've roleplayed in just about every MMO you can think of, but EQ1 and SWG is where I spent alot of my time over the years.


So basically, I guess I just wanted to say hi.


Has anyone else had problems creating characters on Balmung? is it because its a legacy server?

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If you just tried it today, try waiting until a weekday morning to get in, as it's less likely for players to be playing early (due to work or summer classes) during weekdays. 6-7am Pacific is when I've had luck in the past -- but during weekday mornings.

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Time for me to say exactly what everyone else is saying..!


Early mornings PST seem like the best times. I've had luck between 8am and 10am EST, so if you can get up early, or stay up late, you're probably doubling your chances of getting into Balmung. 


Good luck!


Oh, and hello! :moogle:

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It's not, and the issue it's a high population server, not necessarily that it's a Legacy server. Be persistent and try during the late night/early morning and you should find you'll have better luck. :)

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It's matter of luck and patience, unfortunately - though the inconvenience can be justified by the thriving community. Once you do manage to create a character you'll likely never be starved of opportunities for role-play whilst you would be on any other server.

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Yeah, generally your best chances are really early morning or very late at night. SOMETIMES you can do it in the afternoon -- depending on the day and by chance, really. I got in on Tuesday 3PM my time, but you have to be really lucky in order to get in on that time. 6PM~1AM my time seems to be primetime for the server, typically. I'm EST though, so those times are probably vastly different than yours.

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