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Unsure on what to do...

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Okay fellow role players I am in a bit of a bind...  I have always been a fan of role playing games.  Almost any video game I play I try my hardest to actually immerse myself into the story of the character I am playing.  However that has become quite an issue with MMORPGs. 

First off, I am still a bit of a novice when it comes to the actual style of RP in MMOs.  Not even sure if I know all the rules to be quite honest.  Even though I have always tried to play as the actual character ((ex. RP walking even in single player games)), I wasn't formally introduced to role playing until I ran into a few people like me in World of Warcraft.  Now I have had wonderful experiences since I have found out about the phenomena known as RP but here lies my dilemma...

I first bought FFXIV when the game launched.  And for the most part I started out pretty good.  Stayed to the story as much as I could.  But low and behold, my cousins and family got into the game which prompted me to hurry and rush to unlock all the content.  They are more of raiders than RPers.  This ultimately resulted in me rushing thru most of the story and getting to a point where the game is just an endless grind to the next gear tier.

I don't mind keeping my level 50 white mage with item level 95 gear to help other RPers, but I feel I want to start another character a new and ONLY follow the story as it unfolds.

But of course I cannot hope to save all of Eorzea alone.  Does anyone have any pointers on how to find or assemble a 4-8 man group ((maybe even a static RPFC)) where I can go thru the game, unlock all the material, and have fun doing it all in character.  Or am I asking too much?

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I'd love to help out with dungeons to make it more enjoyable. Especially if you didn't get the chance to really explore them.

As far as ICly, would this character be an Adventurer then? And what of the Echo? At least looking around my character and the people he typially interacts with, adventuring is ok (would have to find IC reasons), but I haven't seen anyone actively RPing as a warrior of light, or someone who has the gift of the Echo.


I know a few people have done some IC dungeons, like a PLD-only run of Sastasha. I could see Unnamed Mercenary easily convinced to go to say, the Wanderer's Palace for some Nymian research, or to the Lost City of Amdapor (for similar reasons). 


Ultimately, I guess it'd come down to the kind of experience you're looking for. If there's a way to do it ICly that works "within the canon of both our worlds", I'd OOCly like to help out. :)

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As Franz said, the vast majority of RPers have something of a gentleman's agreement to not be the hero of the main story quest, or one of the warriors of light. Not saying you can't, but it causes two problems with RP. One, the issues that they face in the main story quest are so over the top that your character will find it hard to relate to most RP that people do, and beyond that, only one group could have taken down ultima weapon for example. Why do you get to be that person?


Also I think being a warrior of light is pretty boring, where is the drama if you can just pop back to an aetheryte if you're hurt, hydalyn protects you from primals, you have all the GC leaders on speed dial, etc etc.


The farthest I'll push my involvement with the main story is that my character fought on the outskirts of some battles, and has also fought against some primals when they get reincarnated (which is a common occurrence), and has done some of the dungeons ICly.

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If you're going by the definition of "Warrior of Light" as someone who was time-skipped forward at Carteneau and for whom others' memories of them are distorted or eliminated (per the MSQ through the 20s), there's a fair number of people who RP that. Of course, merely being at Carteneau certainly doesn't make you some kind of Big Damn Hero. :) If you mean "Warrior of Light" as "The Adventurer," then yeah, no one RPs that to my knowledge (at least not publicly).


My general rule of thumb is, "don't assert anything that not everyone could do/be." On that basis, sure, you can have the Echo, sufficient anima to teleport around, delve into dungeons, and fight Primals, since these are all stated in the lore as things every player character adventurer could have -- they're rare, yes, but PC adventurers are a very rare breed in the vast sea of Eorzeans. On the other hand, only one Adventurer can lead the charge into the Praetorium to defeat Gaius and the Ultima Weapon, so you shouldn't assert that you did that. That doesn't preclude you from having plot elements "inspired by" the MSQ that you make generic; for instance, maybe you raided a Garlean research facility and destroyed some kind of powerful magitek weapon after defeating the facility's commander.


That said, lots of people have varying opinions on this and where to draw the line. Some RP being normal people who may not even be combatants, and others RP "sword and sorcery heroes" in the classic Final Fantasy vein. There's no right or wrong answer, just varying RP styles -- though I'd argue that RPing that you're The Adventurer in the MSQ, experiencing everything they do in the same way, is wrong as it essentially denies the RP of others.


As a side note, periodically people do put together static groups that attempt to RP out the MSQ to varying degrees. You can either start one yourself or try to join an existing one, but be aware that you need to be careful about your RP outside of that group, and that many existing ones may already be further along in the story and unwilling or unable to add in a newcomer. To fully complete the MSQ through 2.3, you will need 8 total players due to the full party requirement of the later trials and the end of the 2.0 MSQ.

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Most roleplayers generally agree on not being the main hero of the story. It's a big stage out there, with lots of players -- too many for just any and everyone to claim that role! However, if you want to play a Warrior or Light -- one of the heroes from Carteneau who possesses the echo, I've got three words for you:


Go for it.


If it's what you think you will enjoy, have at it! You can use your character's echo abilities to grant him an extraordinary set of skills that will aid him in his in-character adventuring. 


Whenever someone plays their character with the echo, no matter how rare people recommend it should be, or how many reasons why it shouldn't be done -- I still work with them, and acknowledge them. 


As for finding an RPFC -- there's a directory on the forums that can help you with just that! Starting a character from scratch to experience the storyline can be a fun ride. It breathes new life into things you may have just rushed through before. If you're ever in need of an in-character dungeoning buddy and happen to see me around, feel free to hit me up and we can probably arrange something!


It would be nice for Berrod to boast to skeptical patrons about the experience. Good luck, and have FUN!

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First off I would like to say thank you to all those who have given their opinion on the matter. I actually know very little about the warriors of light and with the story plot that I was able to do, I was only under the assumption that my character was walking in the foot steps of the fallen Warriors of Light.  I just want to play a simple adventurer.

My main problem I usually ran into was that I was playing the role of healer and so I would always have to track down a brawler or other heroes to do most of the dungeons.  I just really want to have fun with the whole experience.  And for the most part I usually do.

The thing is my main is 50 i95, and I find myself walking around aimlessly looking for adventure.  The only reason I was even considering starting the story over again is because I do remember seeing small aspects of the story and thinking "wow, that seems cool".  Not to mention it is a Final Fantasy installment and so you know those guys are the best when it comes to story.

I actually don't want to play the hero.  One of my favorite IC quotes are "I make a much better sidekick than a hero."  My ideal experience would actually be to be the healer who shadows the main hero or group of heroes.  I just want to be able to enjoy the ride along the way.  And with others...

I seem to be stuck in the middle.  There are those who RP a little too extensive for my level of experience, ((way too much tavern RP)), or you run into the friendly but non-immersive Lalaboom Wizard ((just made up the name to illustrate the non-rpers)) which while they are willing to help you progress... they constantly remind you "this is essentially just a grind fest".

And this much even I know.  I know its just a game... trust me I know this.  But I just want to travel thru it with friends and explore the lore and the story.

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I feel you. I play games like .Hack, or watch an anime like Log Horizon. Or even read any fantasy novel, and somehow want to recreate that sense of wonder and excitement in an MMO. I found it, but it was really only the first MMO's I played when I was younger. I feel like once you get older and more experienced at MMO's that specific part of the magic fades away. You get too good at looking at the things the game gives you and just seeing the raw underlying math.


I wish you well, because what you want is something I'd like to have again as well. Somehow I doubt it will ever happen though.

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It sounds like you may want an FC that does adventuring IC at least to some degree and won't rush you to gear up or skip cutscenes. There's several of those around. :) Just off the top of my head, I can think of Unsung Heroes, XI:7, Mysterium, Night Blades, Crystalline, Aetherial Warriors... you might want to take a look in the Linkshell Hall, as Berrod noted, and see if any of them strike your fancy or mesh with your character concept.

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Wow.  Natalie Mcbeef, that was a spot on explanation for the feeling I am trying to recreate and I know exactly what you mean because I have felt like that with this particular game.  We know the math of the MMO format and so we can't help but follow in suite.

However I like what Zhavi had to say.  I think I am going to start a thread there telling people what I am looking for.  There may not be many but there but I am sure I could fine 3 or 7 others willing to do this.

Heck I might even take my level 50 i95 toon and make am FC dedicated to those who wish to play like that.

That's really what I meant when I said "Unsure what to do..."

I normally only play one character when I play MMOs.  I dislike alts because its hard enough to play the way I play with just one toon and keep up.  So I am trying to decide if I should stick with Shadow Claw (the level 50) who while he may be lost, is at endgame content and could be ready to start a story anew when the expansion comes out or if I should start Dartamian N'astal who would be my totally immersive character...

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I have seen a few people (unfortunately I don't recall their names and would be hard pressed to find their posts, or else I would get them for you) who were interested in the whole leveling IC experience, so that's something to keep in mind while you choose whether to keep the old character or go with the new.


Too, there are some rpers who are very shy, and who would appreciate leveling buddies for a consistently ic leveling experience without having to go out and find them -- though, as ever, speaking up can be hard for this kind of player. ;)

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