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Looking for connections/to join plots/etc. for Ophelia de Winter

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Looking for connections for Ophelia, again. Recently a lot of her stuff kinda took a turn and now she has virtually no connections and nothing to do.


She originally was the owner of The Ballad's Rest tea-tavern, which in a way she owns it but no longer runs it (at least, not on a constant scale like before).


She's very much interested in making new friends and potentially more than friends, etc. Wants to become an adventurer. She is skilled with hand-to-hand combat and a pretty smart little cookie. (eventually, when implemented, I intend to have her 'train' in the rogue/thief type of combat style.)


And uh... Yeah. I'm not gonna lie. I feel a bit lost with her now with the sudden like... disconnections, you could call them.


She has a wiki, here.

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Well since S'imba is now feeling guilty I'd be willing to be a connection or you could meet rath he's going to need friends.


Funny you should mention it, I was curious about making some sort of connection to S'imba, considering I noticed most people in that group were fist fighters and that is Ophelia's prime talent, but I didn't want to step on any toes and all. SO. I mean, if I'm not, I'd love to hang out with him!




(Sorry it wouldn't let me multiquote)


I'm not sure. She had/has a teahouse but it's not in the Shroud. It's in Aleport (technically speaking. I am trying to save for a personal room to turn into a little teahouse.)

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Hit me up as well! I'm starting anew after a year long hiatus, and I'd love to make some friends! I'm trying to develope my guy into an adventuring host sort of (Rping as a gay male, but he'll flirt with anyone for the sake of the trade ;) ) I'm still in Lominsa, airshipless due to me taking my sweet time leveling. So hopefully I'll see you around!

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Ah, she's better off without Vash. That boy's nothing but trouble. He's like Scott Pilgrim. You want none of that. I may or may not ship Ophelia and Zesiro.


I know Dog probably makes Ophelia uncomfortable as hell, considering their last real interaction was him drunkenly kissing her and Vash in order to prove a point about relationships. BUT! I'm always up for RP if you are.

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