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Monthly Primal Hunt - Ifrit

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It's that special time of the month where we kill a god. This month we're going to the beginning with Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno. Join us at Sunday July 27th, 7:00 p.m. EDT at the entrance to the Bowl of Embers.


I know I said I'd try to start this at a more EU friendly time, but unfortunately I have something I have to do during the day for a friend.


The Plot So Far - Under the guise of scientific research, Dogberry has agreed to fight primals and record their aether levels for a pair of scientists, Stormwind and Rhianna. They are very secretive about their reasons for wanting this information, but they promise good pay. Last month was their first test, Leviathan, who Dogberry seemed to have some kind of grudge against. He sought an audience with the primal, who gladly obliged him by biting off his legs just before fading back into the aether. Since then, Dogberry has been given magitek legs by his scientifically enclined patrons, and now in their debt, is hiring on more would-be primal hunters. Will you answer the call?

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Might not need magitek in my case. Osric has a certain... foreign influence..  in his head that he'd like washed away. Said influence should be enough to provide a thin veneer of protection that's good for one-time use, right? Right?


I started a whole thread about this a while back, just to find out. >_>

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Just a heads up, the event has started. The calender says that it starts at 7pm PDT, but as the forums stated, it began at 7PM EDT. So if you want in, hurry and join us at the entrance! We still have some slots to fill. Whisper me if you can't remember where to go.

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Yes, so sorry for the mix up. I had assumed, me being an East Coast user, that the calendar would see that, and put that up in EDT, but apparently I was wrong and can not into calendars.


Thanks to all those who came out and made it a good time! You guys are awesome!

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