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Hi everyone,

                 I have just got the game recently and since playing now for a week or 2 and already see how rping is going to be great on this game and i cant wait for it. How ever I have found that the two main servers (Gilgamesh and Balmung that have rp in them are locked down to anyone trying to get in so i cant even join in with the Rping.


Since there is no real information out there about other rp servers that someone could go on until they open back up I thought i would ask the community has anyone having or had this problem and weather or not they have found some other server that people are going on?




hope to hear from you all soon ^^

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Its a server over-population problem. See, since many people are playing on those servers, those servers have to put in more and more processing power to stay up and playable to a very good standard. If a server has too many players, it may cause server instability or cause the server to crash, thus there are new character limits in effect that block people from creating new characters on the server.


A way of how I got into the server was that I made a new character then I payed for a server transfer into Balmung. Note though that you can only transfer servers after youre first month if youre account is new.

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They close most of the servers according to their peak hours. Most of the Japanese servers are always closed during their hours, and Balmung, Gilga, and I think Leviathan are usually closed during ours, and that's all daily.


Its easy to get around, I think they just want to guide the newer players toward the lowpop servers. Anyone who is set on specific server can still get in by waiting a few hours, though really an invite function would work better for that.

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I've seen 4am open for character creation on Balmung and I recently made an alt for a specific RP session on Saturday at 5am PDT.


Save the character appearance data and then create the character at that time etc.

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I am happy to report that i have managed to stay up long enough to be able to create a character on the gilgamesh Server and I really am looking forward to seeing all of you people there and thank all that posted and helped me with there advise to to power level and to develop my character story 





                                     all my thanks ^^

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