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Collection of crystals(open)

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((Sorry if this is only for Balmung since that's the only people I see here. Gonna need to represent Gilgamesh.)) 


This job had been sitting to the side for quite some time. With the opening of the house of Bento, creating the interior of the house, and making it look as perfect as they could get it....well, lets just say that getting things done for jobs was a pain. Resting back in the chair of the Quicksand in his good ol second home of Ul'dah, this rugged and beaten looking male of a Roegadyn eyed over the documents. He had sent out whispers that he needed people to help even though he could have had handled this on his own...with major risk of death of course. 


Standing the average height of a Roegadyn, his white sideburns filled into the beard and down his neck with no hair to show either under his nose or on any part of his hair. Wrinkles centered around both eyes showing signs of his age as a burned mark started above his right eye, moving halfway around his head before stopping and nearly missing the ear. An eye patch covered his right eye as his armor consisted of the darkened armor gained from the new ventures in Tam-tara and the like. Next to him, his axe covered in blood leaned against the table. 


"Lets see how many people decide to show up. If anything, mercenaries might jump on it with the amount of gil involved..."

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((Balmung people are also welcome to join. Just cause we are different servers doesn't mean we cant enjoy RP together))


Seeing as how none had come at the bait of gil, Ruin couldn't help but smirk as he leaned right into the chair with as his right hand tapped the stack of papers in front of him. By all accounts, he had the look that made him out to be a fierce warrior, but Ruin was more than that. He was older and wiser than most which allowed him to think a step ahead of most enemies that he encountered. His experience in the war and the many decades of service as a Sultansworn allowed him to see what people were capable of if given the chance. That also extended to the beastmen who continued to summon their primal gods.


Reaching up with his left hand, he rubbed his temples. Leadership had been pushed 

on him recently which also meant he was unable to simply focus on pure paperwork. He would have to hold meetings, meet people of different companies to hold alliances and what not...something he felt was better suited for the younger generation. "Why me of all people..." Ruins whining was low and in a whisper, meant only for him. After readjusting himself a few times in the chair, he found himself leaning back over the stack of papers as he began to put them side by side until a total of a dozen or so documents laid out in front of him.


Four were maps, three dossiers, three lists of enemies that could be encountered, and two pages of what the employer was expecting. Reaching out toward the dossiers, he wanted to get a good idea of who would be going. There was no way he would allow greens in this operation, for he didn't want their deaths on his hands because they were untrained. The Sahagin were no pushovers, and he knew that first hand right before they summoned Leviathan. Letting out a heavy sigh, he focused merely on all the reading that would be done...

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(( Jumping in since you opened cross-server ))


Coatleque stood at the end of the bar with arms crossed, simply surveying the room as she often did. Her eyes passed over the Roe a few times before focusing on him. For some reason he looked familiar to her, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Then she noticed his bloodied axe by the table.


"Miss Momodi will simply love that.", she murmured to herself.


He looked to be engrossed in some sort of paperwork, and was not causing a scene. Her gaze passed on after a moment as she focused on another conversation nearby.

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The Free Paladin clad in grey nodded in agreement to his colleague. He too had noticed the sizeable Roe working through a stack of papers and the axe he had laid against the table.


"You think he would have cleaned it first." Warren's tone was one of equal amusement and disdain. "If we suddenly receive word of an attack I know who I'm going to question first."

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Franz looked up from the table he was at for a moment, seeing Ruin's table cluttered with various pieces of paperwork and...that axe. It was bloody huge! And also quite....bloody. As a man who loved his weapons, it piqued Franz's curiosity and he found himself compelled to walk up to the man.


The Highlander-sized Garlean made sure the glamour for his third eye was still in place, and made his way to the table. Franz was no adventurer, nor was he in any kind of Grand Company, but he was capable in a fight if he needed to be.


"You know, that bloody axe is going to scare people off and put them in alert." Franz made a quick glance at the two paladins. He eyed a few of the maps, giving an intrigued grin. "Planning something interesting, eh?"

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A heavy sigh drifted through her lips, as she pushed open the Quicksand's doors. She had heard tell of work, and well seeing as she hadn't been that active lately she figured it was time to get to it. Clad in armor a little heavier than she normally wore, she walked through the doorway, a loud clink as her sword gently tapped against her armor, her small buckler slung over her back.


She gave a small smile as she saw Ruinfield sitting at his table, with all the others slowly approaching him. She began walking over, her hand running along the railing as she did so. How long had it been since she seriously worked? She pulled up her goggles and pulled a small pair of glasses from the pouch at her hip and slid them on as she approached the table.


"What the hells am I gettin' myself into Ruin?" She said plainly, as soon as she got herself to the table. She leaned down seemingly inspecting the maps with a small sigh, "I'm not goin' to regret this, am I?"

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((Sorry. Just got back from a convention and felt like crap afterwards)


He knew that it was strange to have his weapon placed on nearby and in the shape it was in, but he didn't seem to care. To him, it showed that he was serious about the work he was doing and that he wasn't someone who was green when it came to battle. His eye did move to the axe a few times as he scratched the eye patch that covered his destroyed left one. Bad memories all around...but that was a long time ago now.


Hearing a voice nearby, he looked up toward two Paladins for a moment who did nothing but glance his way before turning to a man who had seemed interested. "Aye...a job that I had planned on doing alone, but I suppose others could join in. Nothing like some company is there?" Hearing a voice he knew could only be Mikh, Ruin turned with a wide grin. "Depends...how many more scars and wounds do ya want love?" Nodding toward the chair, he did the same with Franz before spreading out the papers on the table. 


"I am sure you know how the primal's are summoned. Large amount of crystal and praying seems to be the lot of it and every time they are defeated, more crystals are needed. Least that is what I gathered...so this job is to simply distract them while our employer sneaks in, steals a good chunk, and leaves. We are to distract not just a small portion of the Sagahin, but the entire tribe if we can. Which means a lot of fighting and a lot of blood."

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((Feel better! And quick OOC question: Is Ruin looking for Warrior's of Light-grade adventurers, or "regular" adventurers? I think a lot of us RP as regular people/adventurers, but not blessed by the Echo or Hydaelyn.))


Theory on the workings of a primal summoning was common knowledge to Franz. At least, shouldn't they be? There were at least three sources of information he could use that he knew of.



The first being what he'd learned in the Garlean army. Every soldier who'd been a part of the battle at Silvertear Lake had been debriefed on the repercussions of that night. 



The second being his own battle with Ifrit, which had left him in that bloody unstable state when the experimentation facility had decided he was no longer of use, having been the only survivor of the attack on Ifrit. The artificial aether reserves project had been deemed a failure, even if the men sacrificed had done what was expected. 



Lastly, there was the Eorzean knowledge of the primals, as learned by a certain Duskwight's memories he could rely on. 



A combination of the three gave a good understanding. Looking at some of the papers, there was a further....curiosity. The last time he'd gotten this close to a primal, he'd nearly died. But he wasn't with a group of fellow Garleans. This would be a group of aether-knowledgeable Eorzeans. And none of them would need to know his nationality as long as the eye glamour stayed on.



"Taking the life-energy away from a primal then? I'm not an adventurer in any sense of the word, but I've have my share of battles." He stared at the Roegadyn a little, a morbidly curious grin on his face. "And what of the tempering?"

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"Puttin' some Suahagin to the blade, huh?" She says as she brings a guantleted hand up to her chin, rubbing it for a moment, "I don' think I'm at too much of a risk to gain any new scars. Though I've been wrong before." She says with a small chuckle, "How big is this tribe, anyways? Any intel on how -many- we're dealin' with?"


Her voice seemed light and jovial but her questions had an uneasy sharpness underneath the surface, and then she spoke rather plainly in a flat tone as she looked down at the papers, her brows furrowed.


"I will have nothin' to do with a primal itself. I'm no grand warrior that slays beastmen's gods. I'm just an' old merc. Killin' the Suahagin? I can do that. Fightin' their god? Well, I think I'll leave that to someone more well suited to it. I ain' got the experience, and I'm too old to really think about learnin'."


Her stance shifted to a more guarded one as she seemed to think about it. Her face was hardened like stone as she drifted into contemplation awaiting his response, only her eyes moved around, seemingly measuring up the others that had seemingly taken up the call to arms too.

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