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Registered on the site a while ago but never really got around to posting anything because I don't know how to do introductions.


On Balmung and a bit shy, but if you ever see me loitering around in Limsa Lominsa or the other city-states, out fishing somewhere, or at an rp event, feel free to address my character if you want to! I'm rarely busy in-game unless waiting for a duty, and you can always send a tell if you want to check first.  I'm EST and usually online whenever I'm free, though I'll start playing less once school restarts.


My main character is Annouille Andouillant (50 SCH) though he just goes by Annie because it's much easier to say and spell.  In his free time he enjoys fishing and eating cake, but not simultaneously because he'd drop one or the other. He hopes to one day start a business with his little sister.


I guess that's pretty much it? How do I socialize.

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You can socialize BY RPING WITH ME I LOVE LIMSA. *ahem* Hi there! Nice to meet you. I play Zhavi, a young woman whose ego is way too big for her britches. She's fairly constantly in trouble or doing something that is likely to get her in trouble, the least of which is her drinking problem. If you like shenanigans, give me a holler!


If you're interested in rping with me, just let me know.


BUT OTHERWISE. People are pretty friendly. Just find a thread you have an opinion on and let 'er rip! But, as with most sites and social interaction, you gotta give a little to get a little. Reaching out can be hard, but my own personal experience shows that people are super nice if you're pming them or otherwise asking for rp or the like. So give it a whirl! Won't know unless you try. :)


May you find all the rp you can get your fingers on.

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I try to yell those two things at everybody. The Bulletin Board is a great place to stretch your forum-RP wings solo, and is used for one-off scenes or just a place to scribble down something about your character.


The wiki is a LOT more daunting if you're not familiar with it, but I love looking at people's wikis so you are inclined to humor me because I posted to you first. 8-)

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Helloooo, Annie, it's good to see you here! Welcome to the RPC, I'm glad you decided to stop lurking! :D For the record most of us here are bad at socializing, too.

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