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LF Orphans! And Other kids/teens!

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So it occurred to me due to the calamity and the war how many children would have ended up as orphans? So I decided to make a character to RP as an orphan, and I was wondering if anyone else had orphan or even just young characters (Under 18, sounds about right) wanting to start a LS because in this time it is imperitive for Orphans to stick together! :3


I for one will keep roleplaying an orphan even if there are adoption offers, so why not just all come and be deliquent youths together?! :D Like in all honesty you would find groups of kids and teens hanging out together


I will probably make my character when the servers are next open

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Flickering Ember is one such orphan brought in from the Calamity. Most specifically, she was, for a time, kept in an orphanage in Ul'dah. I've been heavily considering working some of her orphan elements into her RP. I am definitely interested in other RPers who want to touch on these themes.


Sounds good! the more the better :)

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One of the RP groups within my RP LS holds an orphanage (which will physically be there one day, when an housing plot will finally be available (*shakes fists as the richer players*)); while they're all NPCs, we do RP a lot of orphans being there.


A different group also hosts orphan refugees in Stonesthrow (the camp of refugees outside of the Gate of Nald/Gate of Thal), with Whisper Willow (a Roegadyn alt a friend of mine controls) being the leader of the camp. We don't hang in there much anymore as the older refugees we RP have moved to become adventurers, but every now and then we may pop in there from time to time.


I realize I cannot quite offer orphans to use, but it's just a post to let you know that there are others like you who enjoy this kind of RP! Maybe one day we'll cross paths.

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Oh, I forgot to mention: an established in-lore place where orphans do gather is the Acorn Orchard. The Carpenters' Guild built the playground for the orphans of the Calamity and the carpenters still take care of them and make toys for them all the time.

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