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Have you ever wanted to send a letter to someone Anonymously? Ever wanted to have someone deliver something for you but the person in question not know who it came from?


Here I introduce Anon Y'mous. He is a character I created last night to do just that! All that is needed is that he be friends with a lot of people so that letters can be delivered and using him as gateway to get these plot induced items out there! I will be leveling him enough to have a cowl and be level 15 and work on getting all the Aetherytes to help him out!


I would be happy to hear any feed back on the community's thoughts on having an Anonymous deliverer for your plot needs.

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Yes. Yes he would. But I thought it would be a good idea considering letters tag your name at the end (not to mention you have to be friends with the person to send them a letter anyway) and sometimes the mystery in an RP is the best part! I know that back when I played WoW people would make a random toon, send you a letter and delete the character and you'd never know who it came from and that's something you can't do on this game because of the friend's list thing.


EDIT: And then I thought of Anonymous love letters as I was leveling.


EDIT2: As of this moment, Anon is now Level 15 with the three city states unlocked!

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Nice idea! :D


I'm toying with the idea of having Avis do some ghostwriting for players ICly (ghostwriting is a perfect way for her to practice writing flamboyantly and collect gossip stories, so...). If they somehow met and merged their interests, they could be an empire business to reckon with...

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Unfortunately, I don't play the character Anon as a character at all. But more to give a way for people to deliver to others in an Anonymous manner since letters always have signed name and making a random character just to deliver a message is difficult and so the character can exist!

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I'm not sure that I'll ever get to use this but is really is a great idea. I almost feel bad that I can't somehow make use of it, haha.


Good luck and thank you for helping people be a little more diverse with their RP. I bet it will make many things more exciting for the recipients especially.

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