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Roleplay Venues; Possible Private Housing Ideas?


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So my Free Company and I have been looking at hosting some casual roleplay events, that said I'm interested in offering something... different. This isn't to be for the sake of being different, but for the reasoning that, everything that is currently happening in the community is being done so well there really isn't a need to add yet another to the list. Instead, I'd like to throw up something that there may not necessarily be a venue for, but something we could attempt to provide.


We've had beach parties, cafe's, balls, restaurants and even gladiatorial/combat events. They're all wonderful and I enjoy attending as many of them as I can. 


What else is out there? It doesn't even need to be something we build into a free company house or private house, just... something different we could try and tackle.

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...Kidding, kidding. More seriously, some kind of trading/craft center might be interesting, though the number of assets available to make a convincing shop is kind of limited. I wish we had housing parts to build an experimental laboratory...


Perhaps you could try anyway with existing assets. Somehow. Don't know how you'd pull it off, but it's an idea.

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A chocobo specialty center! A place that specializes in gearing, training, stabling, and feeding all types of chocobos. An adventurer is only as good as their steed, after all, and there is enough chocobo furniture and appropriate dyes to pull off such a theme. It could also double as a nursery. I imagine it could be like an extension of the themes found in Bentbranch, and, being how ubiquitous chocobos are as a mode of transport, it could be something that appeals to almost any sort of character (if not for personal interest, then certainly a practical one.)


You could call it Wark-Mart. ;)


Edit: Some potential event ideas could be Chocobo Chick Obedience Training, Chocobo Handling Classes, and hosting a Chocobo Show (like a dog show.)

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A shop is one idea. I've personally only heard people talking about a shop but they never have it in housing or a personal room. It's usually taken to forums or Skype. You could have the first floor of the house be a trading/meeting center, the downstairs for recreation, and the personal rooms all be individual shops that service different things!


Chocobo breeding/treatment center? Almost everyone these days has a chocobo ICly.


Convention center: With enough furniture to mix and match from you could 'rent' out the house for various events with the FC members acting as assisting staff.


Hunter Corp.!~ Rent out services to help with hunt marks? Like mercs only more specialized.

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Great ideas here thanks guys! Wark-Mart~


Our FC used to use our house as a barracks pre-private rooms. Now we're using the main house as a "club house" sort of area. Bar, Lounge, Couches, etc. Our private rooms are designed to fill the small niches, one is our physical therapy room (mine), a medical/guest/barracks fascility, and we're expanding that sort of plan a little, with the public venue goal in mind as well. It's possible we'll turn our private rooms into the less public areas of the FC and our main housing into the public venue.

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