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Garlean Lore?

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So, while doing a bit of research for my deserter character, I've noticed that really in-depth info about Garlemand and its natives just seems really hard to come by? By now, I'd think I got a pretty good grasp on Logan and most things concerning her, but that did involve a good lot of gap-filling by just going "well, what would the old Romans have done?", but obviously, I don't wanna mess up, in case I did miss some vital information.


Like, what does a native Garlean's third eye even do, outside of, well, being an extra peeper? In that one cutscene it did seem like it made Cid notice the whole...Echo hijinks going on, but that was a bit confusing, so I may be wrong?


And that "one kill per day (or else)" rule: does it refer to killing people in particular, or could a soldier just skewer any random critter and be off the hook? 


Really, I'd be more than grateful for any bits of lore , it'd really help me with working out some rough edges on the backstory front.

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We don't have a ton of specifics on Garleans day-to-day life and whatnot. But I can try to give an overview?


The Garlean Empire as we know it today was founded in 1521 6AE (only 56 years ago). In the last 50 years, they've come to conquer the entirety of the northern Great Continent, Ilsabard, as well as a majority of the eastern Great Continent, Othard. They were once a small nation with only a weak military regiment, however, with the discovery and implementation of magitek machinations into almost every aspect of Garlean life, they've been able to topple nations ten times their size and strength.


The Garlean third eye seems to only occur in native Garleans, from Garlemald. However, I don't think we know if it does anything special. Another trait of native Garleans is their lack of magical prowess.


Their military is made up of fourteen legions, each commanded by a Legatus. Each legion is comprised of ten infantry battalions called Cohors. Five years ago, before the Calamity, there were two legions invading Eorzea. The VIIth, commanded by Legatus Nael van Darnus aka the White Raven, and the XIVth, commanded by Gaius van Baelsar aka the Black Wolf. The VIIth legion was defeated by the Eorzean Alliance in 1572 6AE on the fields of Carteneau.


The whole "killing every day" rule was established by Legatus Nael van Darnus in 1.0 when Garlean Emperor Solus zos Galvus gave Darnus control over his armies in the Eorzean front. Darnus established this rule to make his legion vicious. It worked. As for whether they were men or beasts, I can't say for sure. Nor can I say whether or not this technique is still in use. Although I doubt it is, due to the fact that Darnus' entire legion went crazy towards the end of 1.0 and Gaius van Baelsar disagreed vehemently with Darnus' methods when he was still alive. It could be that they slaughtered scores of Ala Mhigans still trapped within the occupied city. They could have also slain beast men that were captured by the Garleans.


Nations and peoples conquered by the Garleans are indoctrinated and brainwashed into their culture. They are not allowed to practice their native religion. Garlemald's way of life is the only way of life. Garleans have a particular fondness for kidnapping foreign nations' children and raising them as Garleans.


(Skip to @9:04)


The Garleans do not seeem to have any gods of their own, but they do refer to our gods as idols and false gods, which lends credence to the belief that they do, in fact, worship some divinity. Whether that deity is His Radiance, Solus zos Galvus himself, or some yet-to-be-named monotheistic religion - we do not know. But they hate the beast tribes and their Primals. They've coined the derogatory term "Beastmen" which many Eorzean nations have unfortunately picked up in the 15 years of anti-pagan propaganda the Garleans have forced upon the city-states. Also they refer to the Primals as "Eikons," another derogatory term meaning idol or false god.


If you wanna know more tidbits about the Garleans, I recommend these three links and any 1.0 GC Storyline cutscenes you can dig up! I want to say RydiaMist's and Oroelf's youtube channels have a full set of cutscenes.


Lodestone on Garleans

Wikia on Garleans

The Rise and Fall of the White Raven (excellent bit of reading!)


Anyways, I hope this helps! ^^ Lemme know if you have more questions!

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Ehehehe, well Logan's traitor scum from a nationalist's perspective, but still very much a purebred Garlean. One that's pretty fed up with her country's methods, much as she still shares their views on the Twelve and the primals.


Haha our Garlean group are loyalists... for the most part.

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Ehehehe, well Logan's traitor scum from a nationalist's perspective, but still very much a purebred Garlean. One that's pretty fed up with her country's methods, much as she still shares their views on the Twelve and the primals.


Franz is kinda like that too. Although I don't think he cares who eventually wins the war. But oh man, does he miss being 'home' sometimes.

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