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Syldra's Revenge - She's Like The Wind

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When: October 12th. 4 PM EDT.

Where: Limsa Lominsa Airship Landing

What: Garuda Hard Mode


Captain Dogberry Himalspyr, in conjunction with Alexander Stormwind and Rhianna Oruissi, are once more looking for brave souls and able bodies to take on the task of hunting and killing primals. This time we're going after Garuda! Please be advised that we will be taking an airship, so nausea from airsickness, mild discomfort, dismemberment, becoming tempered by Garuda, and possible violent horrible death at the hands of bird monsters may occur. Please consult your primary Conjurer before joining.


I know this is late notice. This is to be a make-up event for September, as I was in no condition to run an event. But now I am! And I hope you'll join us! If you have plot threads you want to work in with these event, or personal character stories, please let me know and we can work them into the event itself! Please! Take the spotlight! You guys are awesome, and deserve it!

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Yarr! I be up to take down that avien mennace. Let's be splicing her mainsails and rufflin her feathers.



So sign me up Cpt, and heave ho!



Edit: I thought I was free as my static was shifting about, but alas not QQ

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Heart wrenching moment in..









Gods that shrill cry was getting on the Elezen's last nerve. She turned her head, placing her cheek against the cold stone as she fought to catch her breath. She wouldn't be able to outrun the primal forever, not only did the hell spawn have flight on her side, but Menelwen was quickly finding herself out of breath. She flexed her fingers, gripping her horas tightly. She had had to make it out of this alive. All she had to do was keep moving. Maybe if she was able to find better cover, she could---








"Heehee HAHA hahaha HEEHEE haha HEEEEEE!!!!"


A curse spilled past her lips as a torrent of air crashed overhead, destroying part of the pillar she was taking cover behind. Her arms moved over her head, shielding herself from the falling debris. She couldn't stay there, she was a sitting duck if she remained in such an open area. Quickly, she pulled herself up to her feet and pressed her back against the stone that remained. THINK woman! Her one eye danced over the field of soiled earth and crumbled stone. There was no other cover, not for a great distance, but where that was...Menelwen didn't know. The swirling vortex she was trapped in hindered her sight, making it near impossible to see just how far things were.










...Fuck. She was going to die if she didn't move, or worse. The Elezen broke into a run, making a straight bee line for a second set of pillars. She quickly found herself skidding to a halt however, as a small tornado struck the ground around the woman's hopeful cover. Within seconds, the heavy, thick slab of stones were reduced to fine grain.


"You think this but a game?!"


She turned her head, her gaze locked onto the giant primal, her claws and talons were stained with Adder blood.








"That foul stench...that...disgusting smell! You mock me with your mortality, landwalker!"


Her heart skipped once, twice. This was no time to have an empty head, yet no matter how much she thought, no strategy popped into the Elezen's mind. No plan, no escape route, nothing. Her fingers tightened around her horas as what was happening finally dawned on the woman.


She was going to die.


With a clenched jaw, she bolted forward. She would not go down without a fight, she would not have her body scattered across the land without at least trying to survive. Her brothers and sisters in arms had already fallen, their bows and spears broken on the destroyed land.




Screams rolled past her ears, causing an agonizing migraine to form as she struck out, striking a clawed hora against the primal. Garuda struck out with her own talon, catching the weapon and Menelwen's arm in her large claw. A cry parted the Elezen's lips as the hell spawn dug her sharp talons into her flesh, easily cutting through the thick leather and meeting flesh and bone.


"I would feast upon your aether.."


Menelwen struck out again, this time with her right leg. She met her mark, her leg smashing into Garuda's side. The primal snarled, choosing to only tighten her grip.


"You seek to stand against me?! AGAINST WIND ITSELF?!" The primal cried out, howling into Menelwen's face. Slowly, a sick and twisted grin split Garuda's lips. Her eyes, blacker than night, earned a sinister glint. Her lips parted again, but this time, she did not screech a threat, or howl a warning. "I...claim you, landwalker!"


Menelwen's heart stopped at the primals words. She...she would what?! No, no, no! Panic began to settle into the Elezen, causing her to try and rip her left arm out from the Primal's talons. This proved to be a poor decision, as sinew and muscle tore against the ever present claws.


"PRAY TO ME! PRAY TO YOUR GOD!" Garuda struck out with her other talon, grasping Menelwen by her neck. The Elezen gasped, the hora in her right hand falling to the ground, her now free hand going to clutch at Garuda's talon. She watched in fear as the Primal inhaled, and...for a moment, it was quiet. She turned her gaze away as much as she could, her eyes stretching across the land. As Dogberry's circlet shattered around her neck, she swore that she could see a group of people outside the vortex, their shapes and sizes very much humanoid, and seemingly...frantic. Perhaps it was her mind playing tricks on her as Garuda sang her song, throwing the Elezen back to the earth below.




"...Sing to me~♪."


Garuda's words came to Menelwen as she slowly stood, her arm and collar drenched in her own blood. "...My one true angel." The Elezen whispered, her gaze slowly lifting to meet Garuda's. She lowered herself to a knee, bowing to the feathered primal.


"I am yours to serve, my winged angel.











Sorry not sorry.




"I'll do it," Dogberry said to those assembled, shooting a glance at Stormwind and Rhianna. He picked up the now unconscious Menelwen in his arms and walked solemnly away before any objections or suggestions could be made. With a moment's concentration, the aether swept them away to the Shroud.


"I don't know what you would have wanted," Dogberry said to her as he carried her into a glen in the woods. "But as far as last views go, I think you could do worse, aye?" She stirred in his arms.


"My angel..." she whispered weakly.


"Hardly," he said, holding back tears as he sat down, holding her closely to him. Her struggling was faint and managable.


"Shh," he shushed her. "I'll sing you a song, and all's gonna be fine. You'll be with your goddess." He began singing, and old song about the wind, and she relaxed against him. When the song was over, he placed his head against hers.


"So much time got stolen from us," he said. "I'd have liked to have known you better. Who knows where that would've taken us. I like t'think we could've shared somethin', at least fleeting but memorable."


"My goddess..." She whispered against him. He brought her head to his chest.


With a sudden moment of violence the deed was done. Her neck snapped, and she went limp.


Dogberry just sat there for a while, holding her, staring out into the forest.
















Edit: No one died and no one was tempered. *Cheers!

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