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Forced Hiatus

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I will be taking several weeks, if not an entire month off from FFXIV as of this post. :(


This is due to several reasons:


  1. To get my mental faculties in check, because as of late, there has been concern in regards to my emotional and psychological state, and these concerns are validated by my medical records. For those of you upset by this, understand that for the moment, I am okay. I just need help for certain issues, and it has been offered to me. Sorting out my emotional baggage is never an easy task, and I doubt I'll be in a good state to handle the issues of this game in that time. Consider this, if you will, a time-out. 
  2. Financial concerns. I cannot play this game unless I have the money. Right now I'm going through a financial whirlwind, so I'm hesitant to spend what I do have.
  3. I am physically ill, not to an extreme degree, but a significant enough one. I am not in the mood to raid while I am puking and bleeding out my nose because it's so sensitive (chronic nosebleeder, here).

I hope you all understand. 





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Never met ya, but it's never fun to be forced out...least of all by a host of maladies.


Here's hoping you're on a road to recovery sooner rather than later.  Take the time to do what's best for you.  The game and its players can--and will--wait.



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So. reason #2 got knocked out of the ballpark, 4 days into this hiatus.


For those of you hoping to god I don't end up on the streets, well, there ya go. 


Basically, the issue was I was in debt about 10 dollars USD because of an ongoing XBOX Live payment that I had assumed was shut off. It was not. In the time that it took to fix that, bank fees warranted a much greater payment. This is why you take care of debt as quickly as possible.


So, mom says she'll bail me out, drops 40 bucks, and everything's fine. Except it's not, because mom doesn't take the time to look at the receipt and notice I'm still down -25 USD in spite of what she put into the account. We all enter a state of "it's all paid for, no worries" while the bank charges me up the ass for it.


So, one night I get a bad premonition and decide to go to the ATM. I'm now down -72 USD.


Fuck me sideways.


So we go to the bank, and they agree to remove all bank charges after the initial 40 dollar deposit, as long as we take care of the remaining -25. Mom puts in another good sum, and now I'm at a stable 19 USD.


So...Watch your finances, kids. Always get a receipt when using the ATM, and read that thing. What the bank did for me is atypical of Banks across America. They are not inclined to do it, and most of the time they won't.


Now I just sit on my meager finances and let it build. My dad offered to pay me 8 bucks for every hour of work I do at home, because at the moment, I am jobless, so I have a source of income, now. It's a glorified allowance, really, but it's money in the bank, so I'm not complaining.

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Oof. I hope things turn out well for you. I had circumstances affecting my emotional state and what time I had, and taking a break to deal with them really, really helped. RP should be fun. If it becomes more of an obligation than a stress relief (especially considering your financial situation), then it's time to take a break to take care of you.


I hope all gets better, or (at the very minimum), more easily manageable -- emotionally, physically, and financially.

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