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The Cookiqo'te! (Open RP)

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((OOC: Been spending time on my alt lately, so thought I'd give her a little RP thread of her own :) ))


It was always so crowded and bustling no matter which city she visited. Gridania? Ul'dah? Didn't matter. Not that she minded! M'subi actually liked people and all their personalities and stories they had to tell. Everyone was so special, so unique and one of a kind in their own rights. It was fascinating to watch, and today was no different.


Now with her and Rinh'sae back in the city-states to stay for a while, she got back to doing one of the things she did on a regular basis: plop some where comfortable and just watch people. Her ears and tail were constantly in motion, either twitching or swaying with the occasional jerk in reaction to a sound or something else she might have heard.


Now...time for her old habits!


The Drowning Wench was her place of choice today, for it was in La Noscea that she grew up and felt most at home. Seated at one of the little tables, she dove her hand into her pockets for a cookie. A fresh, warm, moist coo- But she felt nothing. Her eyes widened and her gaze darted back to her pocket. But she just sat down. Where did they-?


It was then that she happened to look up and spotted the answer to her mystery: her little cookies formed a trail from the elevator across the floor and to her seat. Her finger finally found the hole that had been in one of her inside pockets where she kept her treat, and a whine soon followed.


"No, no, no! Oh blast!" Skittering up, she began shuffling on her hands and knees to pick up the remains of her goodies, ears pinned back and a sulk on her lips as she worked to salvage what she could and not caring if she looked ridiculous crawling on the floor after crumbs.

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The dark boot came down avoiding the cookie trail and Melodia let out a sharp hiss as she caught her balance. She was in her full Yellowjacket uniform today and had planned to cut through the Wench, always on the listen for a rumor or snippet of information.


And here was this Miqo'te crawling on the ground with a line of cookies before her. She cleared her throat, her long blue hair and sharp burgandy eyes contrasting the yellow of her top.


"Ahem! An' may I ask what yer doin' here, ma'am? Ye know this is a tavern? A place o' booze an' people tryin' t' fornicate on occasion. Food spills an' th' like as well...th' cookies are a lost cause I'm afraid bein' on th' ground like so."

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There was never a miqo'te who looked more downtrodden then the little purplette crawling around on the ground. She looked up at Melodia, one eye dark green and the other lighter so, and they were shimmering with distress. All of this over cookies?


"B-But...I just baked these this morning! A-And were going to hand them out to people since it's morning and everyone's going too and from their work places and stuffs and things!"


She plopped back on her buttocks, hanging her head with a rather heavy sigh. "And because of a hole in my pocket I can't hand them out to anyone..." Her tail, slender though with a tuft of dark hair at the ends, curled around her own upper thigh while her ears continued to remain shirked back.

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Now that he had been getting more comfortable in the very different city, Franz had been frequenting the drowning Wench for additional meals or drinks throughout the day. He'd been watching the spectacle with some interest. 


Getting up from his seat, ale mug in hand still, the tall, Highlander-sized man asked bluntly. "Then why not just bake some more?"

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Melodia knelt down and offered her hand with a warm smile. Brusque as she was she didn't want to see such a sad face.


"On yer feet....no tears over th' cookies. Yer heart was in th' right place. Ye jus' may need a good tailor fer the hole in yer pocket." She heard the male voice and looked over seeing the Highlander with the mug in hand. She smirked and looked back to the Miqo'te. "Aye....tha's always a good idea...ye c'n always make more."

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She took Melodia's hand, slowly rising up with the tiniest of sniffles. She looked between her and Franz, starting to feel embarrassed that such a fuss was raised but she drew the attention upon herself anyways. She looked back and forth between the two before blurting out, "Well, I don't have enough ingredients for another batch! By the time I go to the market, get the supplies, go back, bake, let them cool, and then come back, it'll be late!"


She shuffled her feet, boots scuffing against the stone and the crumbs. Everything was beyond salvageable. "I could always wait till tomorrow," she mumbled grumpily to herself.

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Melodia considered for a moment and knew her shift was ending soon. She was tired but felt bad.


"Why no' ask fer help, love? Is no' a problem...I'm nearly finished anyway....an' if it'll cheer ye up, I'm f'r it. Th' city's got enough misery as it is without addin' to it because of some spilled cookies."

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"Well, I don't have enough ingredients for another batch!


"Then which ingredients do you need? If it's one thing I've finally gotten used to here, it's the markets. I'd be insulted as a trained culinarian if I couldn't handle whichever recipe you use for your cookies." There was a hint of a smile or a smirk on his face, but the sentiment was serious. 


"If you need help..."

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She glanced to the highlander and smiled.


"Ah see then, lass, ye've two sets o' hands t' help ye recover this loss. An' I wager ye'll make out moreso th' bet'er in the end because o' it."


She looked back at the Miqo'te and shifted on her feet a bit. "Now...tell me an' the big man there wha' ye need from us. An' me name's Melodia by th' way. Sergeant in the local Yellojackets here in Limsa proper."

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She looked down, twiddling her thumbs together shyly and wondering what all she would need while at the same time unsure about bothering these two strangers despite the kindness given towards her. "B-But I...I don't want to inconvenience anyone. Y-You both probably have a lot of things to do today!"

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He squat down to make himself look a little less intimating than a man towering over the situation. In a calm an collected voice, he gave his answer.


"I believe Miss Yellowjacket over there said she's off duty soon, and I've nothing else to do today, or any day really."


He laughed a little to himself. "Why not bake for a living? Beats being a mercenary."

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Melodia nodded in agreement.


"Ye need no' worry...I've no plans after me shift and I could use some company tha' were normal folk as opposed t' th' criminals I'm used t' dealin' with day t' day."


She smiled and her eyes were friendly. "In fact...bakin' some cookies sounds a bit fun....I've no' done tha' before."

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She looked rapidly between the two. On one hand, she was oh so grateful for the help! On the other? She didn't want to be a burden, or come off as even more of an oddball. Franz leaning down did help, some of Subi's skittishness ebbing away by a fraction. At least it was progress.


After another look between the two, she began mumbling off ingredients. "F-Flour...eggs...vanilla beans...apple juice..." She went on and on, answering Franz's question after naming off her list. "I like to bake, b-but it's moreso as a hobby!"

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Franz made a mental note of the ingredient. Fairly standard ingredients with a few that must have been there for that 'personal touch', some people would do to their cooking. "Those are easy enough to obtain. I believe I could get those fairly quickly. Is there a place to work at, or should we ask to borrow some supplies from the Culinarian's Guild?"


((On a side note, I've never seen apple juice used for cookies. ._. But it must exist, because this does: Apple Juice Cookies Recipe ))

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"W-Well...the Culinarian Guild lets me use their facilities for a small fee! And I buy my things from them!" The fact that Franz seemed genuine in his desire to aide had her forming a tiny smile across her lips. She looked back and forth between the two.


"And, well, I can pay you two for the help, if you need it. And you won't have to do much work either!"

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Melodia grinned and shook her head at the suggestion of pay. "No need f'r pay, love. If ye feel s' inclined t' pay, it'd only need t' be one o' th' cookies in th' end."


She looked around and remembered she still had a few minutes left on duty before looking at the woman again. "I'm t' finish me shift, then I c'n meet th' two o' ye at the guild an' offer th' best hand I c'n."

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Such help from strangers! And people said that some of the worst kinds of people could dwell in Limsa...next to Ul'dah of course.


"Certainly!" She chirped before looking excitedly to Franz, her mismatched hues shining with newfound energy. "Shall we go then, and meet her there? If we pay a small fee, we might be able to use the ingredients the Guild already has! So we don't have to run all over the market."

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M'subi didn't need to be told twice. She dusted off her hands and knees to make sure nothing from the floor still stuck to anything before sauntering out of the Wench towards the Culinarian Guild with a bounce to her hips and step. As they moved over the bridge, she turned to look at the man curiously. "Do you like cookies, mister?"


It should have been obvious if he decided to help her, but sometimes Subi wasn't the brightest cookie in the box.

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A simple "I do" came out in a rather playful tone.


"Well, as much as any other sweet thing." Jokingly "I dare say I may be a little of a glutton. Since travelling here, there have been many different foods I wish to try. And- some of the best ones are always those home-made, not particularly served."






"It's just down this way, isn't it?" He was still unsure how to navigate in the very oddly arranged city.

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