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Seeking mercenaries and a merchant.

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Who: A bodyguard, his charge, a few strong mercenaries and one slimy merchant.


What: Someone's afraid of ghosts.


Where: This travelling merchant is said to have been recently seen peddling their wares in Coerthas. So that's where we're headed, across dangerous terrain that might require some mercenaries to help keep us safe!


When: Once I find someone who's character is a not-so-reputable merchant and maybe some mercenaries. Friday nov. 7th, 9pm pst.


Why: This someone who's afraid of ghosts is looking to buy some Ghost-B-Gone from a dishonest merchant. Obviously such a thing doesn't work, but since he's going to pay for it...



I don't mind having to send some IC letters, maybe my character saw your character's little mercenary ad up in a tavern somewhere? Either way, it'll be a lot of fun! I promise! Nobody's going to get killed, save maybe a few monsters along the way.



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Which day would this be on (assuming a merchant is found)? Franz is a former mercenary and I also happen to have an alt made for him called "Unnamed Mercenary", if this would be a "nobody can know" kind of thing.


I'm typically free in the 3:30PM-9PM PST range, since I need to get to sleep around 10 PST if I want to wake up for work the next day. If it's on a day leading into a weekend (like Friday->Saturday), I can easily stay up a bit later.

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Later is better for me since I usually work from afternoon to night time, especially on Friday and Saturday. 9PM PST would likely be too early for me, though, unless it was maybe on a week night. =/

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Can't really say for certain--I'm only guaranteed to be home by about 11PM EST. Likely I'll be home much earlier than that, but it's hard to tell around what time. I have this lovely schedule where I get to clock out when my bosses tell me I can clock out. ;A; Don't wait for me if the time is good for everyone else, though.

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