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Animated Signature Commissions

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So, I started making some animated signatures for myself and a couple of others in my FC, and there seemed to be some interest, so I figured I would open my work up to commissions.


Here are some examples:










Each Gif comes out at about 200kb, at a size of 500x130 pixels.


I can do a lot of different types of particle effects, and each one I generally program manually myself. I can do fireworks, rain, sand, leaves, snow, most things really.


I haven't decided on price yet, so I'm working mainly on offers at the minute. I'm not sure about intellectual property rights on real money transfer, so I'm only working on in game money at present. If you're interested let me know.

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I love these! What program do you use? It's too bad we can't trade gil cross servers, because I'd be interested in one if we could!


I write the program myself :3 I don't tend to use animation programs as I find they're too limited, so I write my own ones to do specific things that I need.


I'd gladly take one once you decide on prices! (Providing I can afford it, ehehe...)


I still don't know how much they're worth to be honest. Make me an offer what you think it's worth :D

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