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The Funny Stuff thread


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I typically need to find some humor in my life so any good (not tasteless??? not sure of what your definition of tasteless is~) funny stories, videos or gifs would be great for a work day (and beyond).


I must share with you this German Forklift safety video.


10 minutes well spent.



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How about some ImprovEverywhere? Mostly safe for work and school... the Pantsless Subway Rides might be borderline, depending on your work's standards.


In a similar vein, SA Wardega has some amusing videos, though I like his charity ones better.


The MSTing of Dragonball E has been kicking around on the internet for over a decade. Story behind this one, is that the owner of the website had a "Don't send me your fanficions" policy... and someone still did. This was their punishment. Even if you're not a fan of the Dragonball franchise, it's still funny.




Totally forgot this one... split up because of old Youtube rules, so watch the two parts in order:

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But... but... guys, it's cool. The produce are grown in Georgia.



(I'm also imagining the movie ticket being in the salad. Like, you stab at it with your fork and - surprise! - mutilated Interstellar pass soaked in ranch dressing!)

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