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December Version Update (12/15/10)


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December Version Updates (12/14/2010)


As promised in the Topics post of December 10, we would today like to announce the date and content details of the forthcoming mid-December version update.


âDate & Times

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.



* New enemies, including notorious monsters

* New guildleves

* Many new recipes

* Further improvements to the naming and organization of market wards

* An additional free retainer slot

* Improved response times on the retainer exchange interface

* Further improvements to the user interface

* Increased text limit for chat log input


For a complete list of changes, please see the comprehensive details posted on the day of the version update.


âSecond December Version Update

The development team is continuing to take player feedback to heart concerning the item search feature of the market wards. We are currently aiming to introduce the first of several changes by year's end, and assure you that additional improvements will be ongoing in order to make a more intuitive and functional system.


Details regarding the date and content of the second December version update will be announced in a future Topics post.


Until then, we hope that you continue to enjoy your adventures in Eorzea!


Figured we would be getting our event and the patch on the same day~


Also, Roleplayers rejoice. Though, in all honesty the limit really wasn't one of my huge pet peeves.

* Increased text limit for chat log input
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Yay, increased chat limit, new stuff to try and figure how to make and...


Maybe I can locate me down some goblins like in the good ol' days so I can turn right around and try and run away from that darn bomb which actually may do some good! Let me tell you, those goblins in FF11 had one heck of a pitching arm.

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