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Not new to Balmung, not new to RP; new to Balmung RP


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Hi everyone, I'm a not-so-new player on Balmung and after a busy semester that didn't have the courtesy to let me do more than lurk and read on these boards I'm looking forward to finally breaking into roleplaying in FFXIV.


Experience-wise I've RPed through my fair share of MMOs, the most significant being WoW (where I learned to dig deep into lore and how to craft a character that strictly adhered to the rules and history of a setting) and EVE (where I learned that if the developers don't give you lore, you make your own).


My main (and only) character is a Miqo'te dragoon, who I made and leveled a good while before I seriously considered roleplaying in the game at all. I came to really enjoy the lore of Ishgard (I'm a sucker for half-crazy religious types that are still kinda-sorta-sometimes on the good guy team), and was at first mildly annoyed at the position I'd put myself in making V'aleera a Miqo'te. But while it's a little more snowflakey than I typically go for, I've really enjoyed the challenge and process involved in coming up with a lore-tight backstory for an Ishgardian Miqo'te dragoon and look forward to developing her further. 


Her wiki page: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/V%27aleera_Lhuil

Her Tumblr: http://valeeralhuil.tumblr.com/ (Sparse at the moment, I know)


I'd appreciate any advice anyone has to give on good general RP linkshells and will hopefully be able to start looking for an FC to join soon. Otherwise I'm glad to finally get around to posting and look forward to getting acquainted with people both in-game and on here!

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Well I'm glad you're able to rid your lurker status, finally! Busy schedules, blegh! I know that pain all too well.


While I don't know of any Linkshells off the top of my head, good luck in your search for an FC or LS we've got plenty of them floating around, I'm sure you'll fine other half-crazy sorta-good-guys to help you on your way!

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Welcome. I think for LS and FC I would start with the list on these forums. Yjere are some themed ones as well as more generic ones both IC and OOC.


I did note that there is talk of Dragoon RP LS or Ishgard LS here

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Nice to meet you! Although I'm leveling my character as a dragoon, she isn't one ICly. At any rate, interesting character concept! *Ishgard hi5* As far as a good general RP LS, you could do a lot worse than Friends of Momodi. It's just an OOC LS for finding some RP. There are good folks in there. I am not the owner of it, but I do have the ability to invite - if you're interested, send me a PM or find me in game! Good luck out there!


Hope to RP with you!

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