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Don't Call It A Comeback [Balmung]


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Or "Welcome Back to the Stage of History!"


While I wasn't going to make one of these initially but it's better than lurking about!


Mainly I just wanted to say hello to all the new and old faces (well names really). I was originally around here when ARR re-launched (launched?) on Balmung and ended up frequenting mostly the Grindstone as well as a few other events. I'd like to (formally? heh) get back into not just the community but RP as well so..here I am!


Also, since I know it worked well before, I'd like to ask if there's anyone I can maybe talk to and bounce a few ideas off of regarding Miqo'te. Hold the groans, I know...I actually didn't make one initially because I didn't want to add to the -huge- population but I have a lowbie now (a Keeper male) and want to make sure I don't drown once I toss him into the RP swimming pool, so to speak.


So there we go! It's nice to be back and hope to see everyone around! 8-)

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But but.. Zarek was so awesome!


Welcome back, though! I remember you! :D


Don't worry, not ditching Zarek at all! Rogue is actually right up the alley of the original character and I've got a sort of story thing I'm doing with him right now too.


Plus, totally want to get back into going to the Grindstone. 8-)


Thanks for the warm welcomes all!

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Hello~ I'm new to this community but it's nice to meet you for the first time. xD And yea, the Miqo'te is getting pretty big, but that doesn't mean good quality characters cant still come from them. :) I have one but she's in Lamia, (sadpanda) But I have two Elezen characters on Balmung that I plan to use for rp, one male, one female: Lyroe and Karoka. (I wanted a Hyur but they aren't accepting anymore players. >_<) But hopefully I can get character sheets made out for them and get to rping with everyone. :)

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